Michael Schwimer leaves Tom Dwan stunned after $200k High Stakes Poker pot

Michael Schwimer leaves Tom Dwan stunned after $200k High Stakes Poker pot
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: February 07, 2021 05:37 PST

The newest episode from Season 8 features one of the most intriguing hands yet from the series reboot

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Michael Schwimer strikes one of the most interesting player profiles among the new faces on High Stakes Poker for Season 8.

The PokerGO reboot of the popular show has so far featured a mix of familiar names and new players, with Schwimer among the newcomers that seem to get into crazy spots in every episode.

Episode 8 of the current High Stakes Poker season offered several big-money hands, including a pot that left Tom Dwan and Jean-Robert Bellande nearly speechless.

Schwimer gambles big and wins

With the blinds at $200/$400, Schwimer opens to $3,000 with 5❤️4♣. Dwan three-bets to $13,000 with A♦️K❤️, and Schwimer makes the call.

“Alright Tom, let’s go,” says Schwimer as he puts in the calling chips. “Only guy I can beat at the table.”

The flop comes 4♠5♣2❤️, bringing in top two pair for Schwimer. Dwan bets $14,000, and Schwimer contemplates for a few seconds before deciding on a flat call.

The A❤️ hits the board on the turn, and both players check. The river brings the J♠, and Dwan bets $25,000 into the $54,800 pot with his pair of aces and top kicker.

Schwimer goes all in over the top, committing his remaining $73,000 to the pot. That move sends Dwan into the tank, with $48,000 more required from Dwan to make the call.

“You didn’t snap call, I’m in good shape,” says Schwimer, as Dwan continues to think about the spot. After a couple of minutes, Dwan makes the call, and both players hesitate to show their hands.

“I don’t have anything,” says Dwan, prompting Schwimer to turn over the two pair. A surprised Dwan mucks when he sees the Schwimer table the five-four offsuit, not normally a hand that would call a $13,000 three-bet in a $200/$400 game.

The play worked in this case, however, and Schwimer collected the $200,800 pot after one of the most interesting hands we’ve seen yet on Season 8 of High Stakes Poker.

A perplexed Jean-Robert Bellande looks on as Schwimer and Dwan settle the chips.

“Oh man, this one’s gonna make the YouTubes,” Bellande says, getting a few laughs from the table.

Last episode for the current High Stakes Poker lineup

Episode 8 marks the last time we’ll see the current High Stakes Poker lineup together this season. The roster includes Bellande, Schwimer, Dwan, Rick Salomon, Damien Leforbes, Sean Perry, and John Andress. Bryn Kenney makes an appearance late in the episode, playing a couple of pots before the night wraps up.

That collection of players marks the second rotation used in the first season of the High Stakes Poker reboot on PokerGO. A teaser at the end of the episode offered a tantalizing glimpse at what viewers can look forward to next week.

Dwan returns for the next rotation, and we get a quick look at a preview that includes Phil Ivey, Brandon Adams, Phil Hellmuth, and billionaire recreational player Chamath Palihapitiya.

That lineup could be the most intriguing collection of players we’ve seen yet on High Stakes Poker Season 8. The new episode drops Wednesday on PokerGO.

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