Mike Matusow reverses course, encourages COVID-19 vaccination

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Jon Sofen
Posted on: August 07, 2021 17:06 PDT

In a shocking turn of events, Mike Matusow is now advising his Twitter followers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

To say Matusow hadn't taken the virus seriously for most of the past 18 months would be an understatement. He's repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as a "Democratic hoax" and said the Democrats are overplaying the virus. But after catching the coronavirus twice, he's changed his mind on the severity of COVID-19.

Medical advice from 'The Mouth'

Mike Matusow is a four-time WSOP bracelet winner and has been a candidate for the Poker Hall of Fame the past decade, although he's come up empty every year. On Twitter, however, the poker pro seems to moonlight as a medical expert. In month's past, he let his Twitter followers know numerous times that he doesn't think COVID-19 is a big deal. But he's now advising those who follow him to get vaccinated.

"Get Vaccinated especially if you’re older, underlying conditions or are obese! Er doctor told me that for 2 months the er was empty & now it’s full. He also said he’d never hospitalized 1 person who’s had vaccine! And he was on my side politically! This isn’t politics get vaxed," Mike Matusow tweeted.

Matusow has twice tested positive for COVID-19. Although he wasn't hospitalized either time, he saw firsthand just how dangerous the virus can be, especially to those with certain health conditions. Not everyone who commented on Matusow's post shared his views, but some did, including Daniel Negreanu.

"Man, you are all over the place but I’m glad to see you finally get it right," Negreanu tweeted at his long-time friend.

"Mike you make more sense than any other folks in the poker community. I think I have to finally take this serious now. Thank you for the valuable information," Joshua Macciello (@Joshuamacciello) wrote.

On the flipside, many Conservatives who have been led to believe through widespread misinformation campaigns that the vaccine is deadly (it isn't), trashed Matusow, who is a staunch Donald Trump supporter himself.

"Or take HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide at first onset of symptoms, and be healed, and have real natural lifelong immunity. Enjoy your booster twice a year for the remainder of your life," @kc98gt, obviously a noted medical expert, tweeted.

"Don't trust the government enough Mike sorry," the paranoid @__Nameless wrote.

"The only person I know who passed away from Covid, sadly was vaccinated (Pfizer) I had Covid and shook it off as a any other mild cold , unfortunately my guy was 85 who passed ..it’s very tough on the weak and old .. stay healthy peeps!!" @Mattkadian responded, apparently thinking anecdotal evidence proves his point?

Matusow's denial that COVID-19 is a serious issue wasn't overlooked by some of his followers. One Twitter user shared an old Matusow tweet that hinted at the virus being some sort of Democrat political hoax.

"I’ll lay 3 to 1 if Biden wins election msm will never bring up covid unless they’re talking about vaccine! Covid ends on msm. Nov 4th!" Matusow predicted on September 5, 2020.

November 4, 2020 was over nine months ago, Joe Biden won the presidential election, and the mainstream media is still pushing the narrative that COVID-19 is a serious disease. So, if you bet against Matusow, you can go ahead and collect your winnings.

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