Mike Postle's Twitter defenders continue their attacks

Mike Postle poker cheating
Jon Sofen
Posted on: September 14, 2020 09:24 PDT

Mike Postle lost his case in the court of public opinion long ago. But he continues to fight cheating allegations during numerous Stones Live streams. And instead of disclosing the evidence he promised the poker community nearly a year ago, he may have resorted to Twitter trolling.

We recently reported that a partial settlement was reached between the casino, Stones Gambling Hall, and some of the 88 plaintiffs in the alleged Postle cheating scandal. For all intents and purposes, that puts an end to the combined $30 million lawsuit against Postle, the casino, and Stones poker room manager Justin Kuraitis.

In essence, Postle scooted by unharmed legally as the judge, William B. Shubb, didn't buy attorney Mac VerStandig case that Postle cheated. But the minds of many poker fans haven't changed despite the legal outcome.

We also recently showed you evidence that Postle may be currently undertaking Twitter trolling efforts to defend his alleged actions. It's unknown who is behind the multiple Twitter accounts that relentlessly defend the accused poker cheater, but some poker players believe Postle is the culprit.

Stepping up his game

Postle — or his anonymous defender — is taking his Twitter trolling game to the next level in an effort to defend his alleged actions. The attacks are getting vicious, to a point where they border on what some might consider cyberbullying.

One of the anonymous accounts — @poker_thug ("Poker Derelict") — took a sarcastic jab at Veronica Brill, the player who initially accused Postle of cheating. "Derelict" joked about Brill being paid to take off her clothes on OnlyFans.

"Derelict" then verbally attacked Jake Rosenthall, one of the plaintiffs in the Postle civil suit.

"Played w/him twice & found him to be the f**kin' asshole douchebag who knows everything about everything there EVER was to know about anything!" @poker_thug wrote about Rosenthall.

Another account — @PokerHeroes1 — is less verbally abusive. But the account is still relentlessly defensive of Mike Postle.

The individual took shots at numerous members of the poker media this past weekend, including yours truly, Jennifer Newell, Haley Hintze, and Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles, the host of the Poker Fraud Alert Radio.

We reached out to @PokerHeroes1 for comment from Postle and for evidence that dispels the notion that he cheated, but didn't get an immediate reply.

Postle has denied the allegations since Brill accused him of cheating nearly a year ago. He immediately told many in the poker media that he would soon release evidence exonerating him, including a large collection of hands that he played poorly. The Northern California poker pro also said back then that we'd all hear his side of the story. It's been nearly a year and he still hasn't provided that evidence.

His friend (or he, himself) — @PokerHeroes1 — however, continues to inform those who ask for evidence to refer to the court proceedings or evidence presented by Rounder Life, a website Postle previously worked for and constantly promotes. "Poker Derelict" has also played the same card, referring those who ask for evidence to the court case and evidence presented by the pro-Postle website. Well, that and insults.

Featured image source: Twitter/@Mike_Postle