MSPT at the Venetian kicking off in two weeks

Jon Pill
Posted on: November 04, 2020 11:56 PST

The Venetian is now fully stuck into its third DeepStack series since COVID shutdown the strip. This time around they are calling the series The Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza. And it will most likely be the last Venetian DeepStack event of 2020.

As part of this series, they will be running two events that are part of the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour. There will be two MSPT events tucked in as events #29 and #38 of the DeepStack Extravaganza.

The Venetian tournament director announced the partnership in September, saying, “our partnership with@msptpoker will continue with our DeepStack Extravaganza in November. $1100 NLH and $1600 NLH events will be the weekends before Thanksgiving.”

These events will be running in parallel with the other 50-ish tourneys that make up the Extravaganza. Events ranging in buy-in from $200–$400 buy-ins mostly.

The Extravaganza started on October 26th and will continue through to November 29th.

Back with (deep) stacks

The Venetian was one of the first Vegas poker rooms to get back into the swing of things after lockdown. They quickly found a new normal with 8-handed tables, mandatory masks, plexiglass, and the full gamut of hygiene theatre.

Soon after they were allowed to, they put on some MTT events in their DeepStack series.

When the fourth horseman, Plague, didn’t descend forthwith, they tried it out again on a bigger scale. The second DeepStack series was a bigger deal, with more events, and more confidence. From now on, it seems for now it is back to business as usual for the Venetian.

The events

These MSPT events start with a $1,100 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event with a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. There will be two Days 1s, and play should wrap up on the tourney's Day 2. That event will be running from November 13th to November 15th, 2020.

Players will start this one with 25,000 in chips and blinds at 100/100. At the 200/300 level, the structure introduces a big blind ante of 300. Blinds go up every 40 minutes.

A few days later, starting on the 19th, there will be a slightly more prestigious $1,600 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event with a $400,000 guaranteed prize pool.

This event will have three Day 1s and should run to the end of a Day 3.

Players will start this one with 30,000 in chips. The blind structure is the same as for the $1,100 dollar event but with 60-minute levels giving the players a bit more space to maneuver.

Both events have a trophy for the winner as well as a Venetian commemorative gold coin.

The Venetian is already advertising for its next DeepStack series in January, tweeting “Start planning now for our DeepStack Extravaganza December 10, 2020 - January 10, 2021 [...]” just a few days ago.

Featured image source: Twitter