Nevada House committee offers online-poker 'black book' measure

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Haley Hintze Author Photo
Haley Hintze
Posted on: March 29, 2023 14:55 PDT

The Nevada legislature's House Judiciary Committee has introduced a measure designed to create a "black book" of banned online gamblers, including online poker players, in the state. The new measure, Assembly Bill 380, was filed on Wednesday, March 22, and would create a parallel list of banned gamblers to that already maintained for persons permanently banned from the state's live casinos.

As with the the live-casino black book, the list of banned online poker players in Nevada would be maintained by the state's regulatory agency, the Nevada Gaming Commission.

If eventually signed into law, AB380 would require any Nevada-licensed online gambling operator to submit the full name, date of birth, and gaming account name for any person who has "been suspended or banned from an interactive gaming system for cheating."

As with the state's list of gamblers who have banned from Nevada's live casinos, the identity of anyone added to the list would be a public record, and available for viewing by all. Banned players who have been added to such a list would retain a right of appeal and to protest possible wrongful inclusion.

Currently, the measure as written would apply to online sports wagering, offered by many of the state's casinos, and to online poker, which is offered solely by Caesars Entertainment through its platform at the present time. Online casino-style games have yet to be legalized in Nevada.

AB 380 has received its first House floor reading and has been returned to the House Judiciary Committee for initial consideration.