Neymar Jr tries to make poker classy in new Cultural Ambassador role

Jon Pill
Posted on: April 14, 2021 15:51 PDT

Neymar Jr has shifted his role with PokerStars once again. Now, instead of being a mere Brand Ambassador for the poker platform, he has been recast as a "Cultural Ambassador."

Martin Nieri, Global Director of Brand and Creative at PokerStars, said, "Neymar Jr is not just a globally recognized sports star, he is also a proven creative with a deep interest in the culture around him. This new role marks the start of something exciting for the community, a merging of two worlds, where poker meets culture. In a first for the industry, together we'll be creating moments to truly shake up poker and rewarding those who get involved in all that's to come."

As a cultural ambassador, Neymar will be working with PokerStars on a series of creative projects. These will be inspired "by the world of culture, from art and design to music and more."

So far, Stars have only let slip the first of these projects. So, we don't have any details on how this series of promotional and cultural events will work. Hopefully, writing will be involved at some point, I haven't read a good poker novel in years.

PokerStars announced the position on its Twitter feed. "Heard the news?" @PokerStarsBlog wrote. "Neymar Jr shaking up poker in new role as PokerStars Cultural Ambassador."

Play poker, play music, playlist

Neymar's first gig in the new role has been to put together a number of playlists. He has collected his favorite songs on Spotify, curating the playlists with card sharks in mind. The idea is that these are the perfect soundtracks to a poker session.

"Poker is so much more than just the game," Neymar Jr told the PokerStars blog. "It is a community and a culture and that is what I love about it. I am excited to start this next chapter with PokerStars, and we are already collaborating on a number of key areas."

The music seems to have been something that Neymar himself pushed for. "Music is a real passion of mine," Neymar said. "So that was first on the list, but there is much more to come. I am excited for you to see what else we have in store."

PokerStars are also hosting a "golden chip giveaway" as part of the promotion for the cultural ambassadorship.

Neymar tweeted about the event saying: "I am excited to be part of as a Cultural Ambassador. Visit PSxNJR to see how poker is connecting with the culture, and stay tuned to learn more. [Translated from Portuguese by Google Translate]."

Featured image source: Twitter