NJCOOP Main Event crowns 'DabledoreNJ' as champion

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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: October 29, 2020 04:00 PDT

New Jersey Championship Of Online Poker wraps up on PokerStars NJ

The latest edition of the PokerStars Championship Of Online Poker came to a conclusion Tuesday, as the last of 54 events in the 2020 NJCOOP played out on the PokerStars NJ platform.

'DabledoreNJ' came out with the win in the centerpiece event of the NJCOOP, taking down the $300 Main Event for a $22,444 payday. The $300 buy-in tournament drew 422 entries, and the $22,444 payout stood as the biggest cash prize awarded across the series.

Other top finishers in the Main Event included 'st0neydanza' (2nd - $16,456) and Jaime 'moosedeer17' Reyes (3rd - $12,065).

The first-place performance marked the second 2020 NJCOOP win for 'DabledoreNJ,' who also took down Event #25: $100 NLHE Marathon $10,000 guaranteed for a $2,778 payday. 'DabledoreNJ' held the overall tournament chip lead for a big part of the day, entering final table action with the top chip stack among the final nine competitors.

Just past the five-hour mark of the final table, 'DabledoreNJ' went into the final hand with more than a 2-to-1 chip advantage over 'st0neydanza.' The tournament-ending hand started with the blinds at 175,000/300,000.

'DabledoreNJ' opened to 770,000, and 'st0neydanza' made the call to bring forth a J♠K♣T♦️ flop. Facing a check, 'DabledoreNJ' continuation bet for 554,200, 'st0neydanza' check-raised to 2,334,160, 'DabledoreNJ' shoved over the top with the bigger of the two stacks, and 'st0neydanza' made the call, committing the remainder of their stack.

'st0neydanza' turned over K♠8♣ for top pair but was behind the J♦️J♣ middle set of 'DabledoreNJ' going to the turn. Fourth street came the Q❤️, and the river brought the 8❤️ and clinched the win for 'DabledoreNJ.'

Biggest winners from the 2020 NCOOP

'DabledoreNJ' represents one of several players to win multiple events in the 2020 NJCOOP.

Daniel 'Ioxonbagel' Buzgon topped the multiple wins list with three victories across the series. Buzgon won Event #17: $200 NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE $20,000 guaranteed ($8,096), Event #20: $200 8-Game Mix $12,500 guaranteed ($6,674), and Event #37: $100 HORSE, $7,500 guaranteed ($2,046.75).

'Scooby-D0O' took down Event #48: $50 NLHE Mini Main Event $25,000 guaranteed ($4,645), as well as Event #53: $100 NLHE 8-Max Phase $35,000 guaranteed ($8,966).

'TobogganM.D.' won Event #32: $150 NLHE 8-Max Hyper-Turbo Progressive KO $10,000 guaranteed ($3,419) and Event #35: $150 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Progressive KO, $15,000 guaranteed ($3,613).

'ISlowRollYou' won Event #21: $150 NLHE 8-Max Turbo $10,000 guaranteed ($3,270) and Event #31: $500 PLO 6-Max PLO High Roller $15,000 guaranteed ($7,339).

Rounding out the list of six players winning multiple 2020 NCOOP tournaments was 'coldandwarm', who won Event #24: $200 NLHE Turbo Bigstack $10,000 guaranteed ($3,698) and Event #30: $100 NLHE 6-Max Hyper-Turbo Sunday Supersonic SE, $10,000 guaranteed ($2,335).

2020 NJCOOP surpasses guarantees

The 2020 NJCOOP ran from Oct. 10-26, promising over $1 million guaranteed over the 54 events in the series.

The total prizes awarded in total for the 2020 NJCOOP ended up at $1,125,973, as New Jersey players turned out in solid numbers for the latest major New Jersey-only online tournament series.

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