Norman Chad announces COVID-19 diagnosis

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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: August 11, 2020 09:24 PDT

Legendary WSOP announcer in quarantine

Norman Chad delivered the news with a touch of his trademark humor, but the message was serious. Chad announced that he's tested positive for COVID-19, breaking the news on Twitter Monday afternoon.

In a one-minute video, co-starring his dog, Blue, Chad announced that he'll go into quarantine for at least two weeks.

"I have an unspeakable headache, and I have a cough, and I'm unbelievably tired," Chad said in the tweeted video.

"We're quarantined for at least 14 days, and hoping everything gets better. And if everything gets better, we'll be up and going again very, very soon."

Poker community sends positivity Chad's way

Chad's voice and persona are iconic in the poker industry. The team of Chad and broadcast partner Lon McEachern anchor ESPN's annual coverage of the World Series of Poker, doing so since 2003.

With consistent appearances as a poker player, and regular engagement with the poker community on Twitter, Chad paints an unmistakable and popular figure in the poker media after a two-decade career.

"We have a health announcement to make," Chad tweeted in the post describing the video. "Prognosis: Tomorrow will be better than today. Peace and joy."

After the health announcement, many in the poker world flooded Chad's Twitter comments with well wishes.

"I vote in favor of your prognosis! Rest well Norman, Thinking of you," said Robbie Strazynski, founder of the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker publication.

Chad's longtime partner, McEachern, commented as well.

"Your dog is burying the lede - but still, I wish you a quick recovery. Rest up - I need you at your usual finest and funniest by July 3, 2021 for D-1A of the Main Event," commented McEachern.

More well wishes from the world of poker

PokerGO's Jeff Platt and Chad regularly engage in an entertaining back and forth on Twitter, stoking a long-running "feud" between the two poker media personalities. Platt commented that his differences with Chad will sit aside, for now.

"A moratorium will be placed on our rivalry for the next 14....hours or so. In all seriousness, get well soon," Platt tweeted.

Other big poker names sending get-well-soon wishes to Chad included Andrew Neeme, Tony Dunst, Garry Gates, Kara Scott, Joey Ingram, and many others.

Eric Raskin, media director for US Bets, chimed in with a Norman Chad-style needle.

"Great video. Quality lickies from a cute pup. Best wishes for a full recovery, Norman," Raskin tweeted. "The poker world needs you. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. But it very much wants you. At least some percentage of it does. And I'm among that percentage. Get well soon."

"You missed your calling writing almost inspirational gift cards," Chad responded in trademark fashion.

Norman Chad's poker and sports media resume

Chad's rise to legendary status in the poker industry started with ESPN's coverage of the 2003 World Series of Poker. ESPN expanded its approach to poker coverage that year, including a hole card camera for the first time.

The addition of the hole card cam, and episodic and character-driven approach of the year's coverage, bolstered a boom in the mainstream popularity of the game. Chad and McEachern have anchored ESPN's WSOP coverage ever since, making Chad one of poker's most recognizable figures.

Chad's media career also includes an extensive resume of sports coverage. Chad currently authors the Couch Slouch column, a weekly feature in the Washington Post, and several other publications.