Parker Talbot denied first live win as Henrik Juncker scoops FPS High Roller (€544,790)

EPT Paris FPS High Roller winner
Andrew Burnett
Posted on: February 20, 2024 05:37 PST

It was yet another case of 'so near but so far' for PokerStars Team Pro Parker Talbot in Paris today, as the Canadian streamer just missed out on his first ever tournament win. His 'losing' streak is now 14 years and counting.

Talbot, known just as well by his online moniker “tonkaaaaP”, has $millions in online MTT winnings, including Super Tuesday and Sunday Million titles, and a healthy $1.5m+ in live earnings. A live win, however, has eluded the Team PokerStars’ pro and today in Paris he was looking to correct that stat.

He went in confident...

His quest for a win went into overtime after two days of frantic action weren’t enough to finish off the €2,200 FPS High Roller at EPT Paris. Four players still remaining at 4am when they were sent home to dream of the title for a little longer.

Parker Talbot EPT Paris Parker Talbot came agonizingly close to his first ever live win

Always the bridesmaid

Today, Talbot – along with Spain’s Guillermo Gordo and Omar del Pino, and Denmark’s Henrik Juncker – returned to battle it out for the trophy and it was del Pino who fell first, his AQ running into Juncker’s flopped set of 9s.

Gordo came in as the short stack and laddered up to third, pocketing a lifetime best score of €238,700.

That led Talbot one step closer to his dream victory, but not only was Juncker on a roll, the Dane held almost a 7:1 chip advantage. A quick double-up courtesy of big slick gave Talbot some hope, but it would soon end in pain for the Canadian pro.

A button reraise saw Talbot shove, with Juncker snap-calling in the big blind. The tournament title was on the line as the cards were flipped. And it wasn't good news for Talbot.

Parker Talbot: A♣3♣
Henrik Juncker: A❤️J♣

Flop: 10♦️️5♠Q♣ 
Turn: 4❤️ 
River: J♦️️ 

Ever the good sport, Talbot gave a “good game” and handshake to Juncker. It’s only a matter of time, they say, but at 14 years and counting it’s been a long wait.

2024 EPT Paris: FPS High Roller results

Place Player Prize
1 Henrik Juncker €544,790
2 Parker Talbot €334,180
3 Guillermo Gordo €238,700
4 Omar Del Pino €183,590
5 Michel Leibgorin €141,220
6 Rony Halimi €108,670

Feature image courtesy of PokerStars