Partypoker now bans player-to-player transfers

Posted on: July 14, 2020 08:38 PDT

The move isn’t finding a lot of support from regular poker players

For brand new players who are just entering the online poker environment, player-to-player (PTP) transfers might not seem useful, but the truth is that they are quite essential in the online poker scene. Nobody even talks about how much are they used to fund poker accounts and to distribute winnings, among other things. That's why the poker community has been shocked by Partypoker's decision to ban all PTP transfers from its online poker platform.

Rob Yong, a partypoker partner, has been flooded with questions from users asking what is going on with the site that has made such an outrageous decision. Yong was quite short in his answer, only saying that it was simply due to regulation changes. With that answer it is still unclear what the new regulation might be, but it looks like some poker players are about to have some serious problems to fund their accounts. One of the users asked Young, "I am a backed player, how am I suppose to get funds from my backer?" Stacking and backing up players is a common practice among online poker sites and these accounts use PTP to move the funds back and forth.

On the other hand, not everyone is unhappy with the decision. It has been pointed out that stable members are going to suffer because of this change.

Online wallets could be used as an alternative; however, many of these have policies in place that prevent them from being used in relation to business activities. This might be the first one of a list of sites removing this service to abide by money laundering regulations; however, it seems like a major loss for stable users.