Pascal Lefrancois wins Caribbean Poker Party Super High Roller

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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: November 20, 2020 06:00 PST

Canadian tournament star collects $585,175 for the win

The biggest buy-in event so far on the 2020 Caribbean Poker Party schedule drew a field of some of poker's most prolific high rollers. Topping them all was Canada's Pascal Lefrancois, who made it through a fierce final table on the way to the win.

Lefrancois emerged victorious in Event #4: $25,500 Super High Roller, collecting a $585,175 payout in the process. The 2020 Caribbean Poker Party is currently in full swing at partypoker, with the festival moved online for the first time ever due to COVID-19 considerations.

The $2 million guaranteed Super High Roller came down to Lefrancois and another poker great, Adrian Mateos, as the final two players. Mateos (2nd - $370,477) and Lefrancois both went into the final hand with plenty of chips to maneuver with, but Mateos caught the wrong end of a massive cooler and secured the win for Lefrancois.

That hand started with Lefrancois opening to 1.76 million with A♦️4♦️ and getting a call from Mateos. The flop came T♠K❤️4❤️, and Mateos check-called a 1.2 million bet from Lefrancois.

The turn brought an interesting 4♠, making trips for Lefrancois and giving Mateos a flush draw to go along with an open-ended straight draw. Mateos checked, Lefrancois put in a three-fourths-pot bet of 4.8 million, and Mateos made the call.

The river brought a ruinous A❤️ for Mateos,with that card completing a broadway straight, but also improving Lefrancois to a full house. Mateos checked, Lefrancois jammed, and Mateos quickly called, committing the rest of his stack.

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Other final table finishers

The $25k buy-in predictably drew some of the highest of poker's high rollers in to compete for the $2 million guaranteed prize pool. Other final table finishers included Austria's Claus Stoob (3rd - $253,129), who surrendered the last of his ten big blinds to Lefrancois to finish in third and set up heads-up play.

Playing from Mexico, Sergei Reixach (4th - $179,037) notched a six-figure payday with a fourth-place finish. UK High-stakes legend Sam Trickett (5th - $131,621) also took home six-figures.

Another high-stakes giant, Issac Haxton (6th - $102,872) also found a seat at the high-difficulty final table. Rounding out the top seven was Daniel Colpoys (7th - $84,837).

Caribbean Poker Party Online plays on

Plenty of action still remains on the 2020 Caribbean Poker Party Online schedule, as partypoker stands to attract the attention of the poker community while the festival plays out over the next week.

The $5 million guaranteed Main Event ($5,300 buy-in) sees Day 1B action commence this Sunday. The four-day tournament continues to play toward a scheduled final table on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Another high-stakes tournament still awaits on the CPP Online slate as well. Event #9: $10,300 High Roller plays out on the final two days of the festival, starting on Tuesday, Nov. 24 and coming to a close the following day.

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