Pedro Garagnani wins Event #8 at Triton London, the $30k Turbo Bounty for $459,000

Jen Mason
Posted on: August 02, 2023 14:09 PDT

Pedro Garagnani has bested his friend and fellow Brazilian Bruno Volkmann heads up to secure victory in Event #8: $30k NLH Turbo Bounty. The tournament played from start to finish today at the Triton Super High Roller Series in London, with 20 minute blinds encouraging action right from the beginning.

$30,000 side event

When a tournament with a $30,000 buy-in is classed as a “sidey”, it’s clear that the high rollers are in town.  Many bustees from the parallel-running $200k NLH 8-Handed Event (#7) took to the Turbo tables with a minimal cool-down period, including Phil Ivey, Leon Sturm, David Malka, Cary Katz and Michael Soyza, although none of them made the money.

An extended – and dramatic – bubble period saw Taago Tamm cash despite having just half a big blind when hand for hand – he outlasted Jonathan Jaffe, Stephen Chidwick and Eric Wasserman to pick up $35,500 for 12th place.  He was followed to the rail by Yuri Dzivielevski and Matthew Wood, who both took $40,300 in prize money.

Final Table Players Joe Giron/

Sole female finalist (and entrant, for that matter) Julie Klein was first to exit from the final table, calling all in for 625k (the big blind now 125k) with king-jack of diamonds when button Garagnani had put pressure on the blinds by moving in with his four million plus.  He held nine-seven; both players spiked a pair on the flop but Klein’s was outdrawn by a second seven on the river. 

Eliminated next were Chin Wei Lim and Anson Ewe (the latter having dropped to one big blind himself at one point before the final table), with Jack Germaine busting in 6th ($113,000).  Then fell three players who’d juggled the chip lead back and forth throughout the latter stages – Choon Tong Siow, Kane Hope and Oya Masashi.  Voluble Brit Hope had played fast and loose, and was described by the eventual winner as “a massive wild player – I enjoyed playing with him!”

A friendly chop

After an ICM chop heads up (leaving $15,000 and the trophy to play for), it was a quick victory for Garagnani who picked up his first Triton title here in London and $459,000 - his biggest ever live cash.

Speaking about Volkmann, he said, "Both of us want a lot to win - but I respect him a lot both as a player and a friend! I'm sure he'll soon have a title - he's coming for me!"

The 96-runner event generated a $1,920,000 total prize pool and awarded prize money to the top 15 finishers. 

Champion Pedro Garagnani Joe Giron/

Full payouts for Event #8

1 Pedro Garagnani - $459,000
2 Bruno Volkmann - $375,000
3 Oya Masashi - $222,700
4 Kane Hope - $180,500
5 Choon Tong Siow - $145,000
6 Jack Germaine - $113,500
7 Anson Ewe - $89,200
8 Chin Wei Lim - $68,100
9 Julie Klein - $49,900
10 Matthew Wood - $40,300
11 Yuri Dzivielevski - $40,300
12 Taago Tamm - $35,500
13 Jonathan Jaffe - $35,500
14 Stephen Chidwick - $32,600
15 Eric Wasserson - $32,600