Phil Hellmuth teases Live at the Bike line up

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 07, 2022 01:00 PDT

Phil Hellmuth is planning his own personal line up for a Live at the Bike stream set for August 26, 2022.

The announcement follows a Twitter poll in which his followers picked between LATB, Hustler Casino Live, or both. LATB won out.

"Ok, I am shooting at @LIVEattheBike and putting together lineups already," wrote Hellmuth. "Players are lining up to play!! @Rbargainhunters has committed, and Bill Klein is IN on 26th. Also, I have invited a bunch of influencers…And some special friends #POSITIVITY"

Who will play in Phil Hellmuth's cash game?

Hellmuth's last appearance on a cash game live stream was an ignominious affair in which his usual braggadocio collapsed into petulance. He berated amateurs and found himself run over both verbally and personally by the streamers he was up against.

Some of these streamers are still pretty likely to be returning to the table. Mr Beast, Alexandra Botez, and Ninja are the most likely candidates.

Beast and Botez are becoming fixtures of the poker cash game streaming circuit. While Ninja got his needles in so deep that Hellmuth is liable to want take the Gen Z whippersnapper's YouTube dollars just to make a point.

However, Rene Nezhoda and Bill Klein are the only confirmed attendants so far.

Nezhoda is best known for his role on the TV show Storage Wars, but used to make his daily bread grinding poker. He and Hellmuth have become pretty pally.

"Super excited not only to be playing with my friend but also the #GOAT," Nezhoda wrote in reply to Hellmuth's tweet.

"I am not playing. Think you confused," Moneymaker quipped back.

Bill Klein is in the regular mix on both HCL and LATB and is likely to be the only other full-time pro at the table. Hellmuth will probably want to keep the odds on his side for reasons of ego and of fiscal responsibility.

Given Hellmuth's strict bankroll management, we can speculate that the big blind will most likely be in the $50-$100 region with $5k-$50k on the table per player.

We might also see some of Hellmuth's famous friends make an appearance.

The game will be live streamed on the LATB Youtube channel on August 26.

Featured image source: WPT used under CC license.