Phil Nagy takes on Doug Polk heads up

Jon Pill
Posted on: October 5, 2020 12:34 PDT

It’s not often that your $10/$20 heads up match gets the attention of the CEO of the poker network you play on. Still rarer that he boots up a game and comes at you across the digital felt. But that's what happens when you’re Doug Polk.

On Friday Philip Nagy, CEO of WPN, live-streamed an hour and half of head-to-head action with Doug Polk.

Even his own employees weren’t giving him great odds, with ACR's own Twitter account writing “We’re predicting a giant crushing by Polk, but either way, you don’t want to miss it!”

Who doesn't love an underdog?

Eye of the tiger

Nagy himself tweeted that he might “need to talk to someone” after the game.

Polk has been playing a great deal of low stakes — and now medium stakes heads-up poker to get his groove back.

This is ahead of his taking on Daniel Negreanu in a grudge match that has been pitched to the poker world as the resolution to their long term bickering-spat.

Polk appeared to have a rude awakening with a run of bad play or bad luck leaving him with an ugly-looking slope on his PokerTracker data. Negreanu on the other hand appears mostly to have been doing HU Twitter polls as his prep.

Great game

Nagy chose the wrong time to join the fray against Polk. This was the weekend Polk got his mojo back. Tweeting today, he wrote, “After 2 months of practice and play, we back in the land of winning poker buy-ins.”

Nagy streamed the whole event. This helped quell any fears of him using CEO powers to superuse his way to victory. It was to be a good clean fight.


Right off the bat, Nagy was joking that Polk didn’t have much of a read on him, except that: “I’m kind of an a**hole cus I slow-rolled him with aces.”

The cards went Nagy’s way at first. But an hour and a half is a long time when two-tabling against a top pro. There was to be no upset.

In the end, Nagy was part of Polk's weekend upswing. As Nagy put it himself, Polk controlled the tempo of the game, making pots happen as he wanted, when he wanted.

Although Nagy might have ended the session stuck $7k, he still signed off with a “Great game, really enjoyed it,” and a thank you to Doug.

The question now is, when's Nagy gonna take on DNegs.

You can see the full stream here .