Poker community remains conflicted on effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

covid vaccine poker community
Jon Sofen
Posted on: March 22, 2021 04:15 PDT

The poker community still hasn't come to an agreement on the usefulness of the COVID-19 vaccines, as evidenced by a Doug Polk tweet. Many poker players still aren't on board with the vaccine, while others are ecstatic the end of the pandemic may not be too far away.

Polk shared with his Twitter followers that he recently received his second shot. He received the Moderna vaccine, one of three available, and felt sick afterwards, which medical experts claim is a sign the vaccine is doing its job.

"Got the 2nd Moderna covid shot... way worse symptoms than the 1st. First I had a bit of a sore arm but was basically totally fine, this one made me feel sick. Happy this process is done though," Polk tweeted.

The seemingly harmless tweet turned into the usual internet thread flame war. And it appears the poker community is full of medical professionals (who knew?). Or, more likely, some individuals who wear tin foil hats.

"I legit thought you were smart until now," Twitter user @DakotaAnderson8 said in response to Polk's tweet.

Anderson apparently has an expertise in the field of infectious diseases, more so than Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is considered the nation's leading expert on infectious disease. He then went on to make a false claim.

"More people under 40 dying within 2 weeks of taking the shot than there are people under 40 dying from covid-19," Anderson falsely claimed.

Polk mocks anti-vaxxers

Clinical trials of all three vaccines turned up exactly zero vaccine-related deaths. Anderson wasn't the only one peddling provably false conspiracy theories. Twitter user @MrPibb171 claims that COVID-19 is a "fake virus. The 540,000 dead Americans say otherwise. Polk then fired back with a second tweet.

"The number of anti vax people as a response to this is hilarious. You realize its good for you if other people get the vaccination right? 'Good job you idiot now you can't spread covid to me,' he posted.

Whether those who believe the vaccine is effective or useful, that doesn't change the fact that the fate of the 2021 World Series of Poker largely hinges on millions of Americans getting vaccinated, as Ty Stewart, the WSOP's executive director, has confirmed with

So, if the poker community wants to see the annual series run in Las Vegas for the first time since 2019, they may want to get on board with the COVID-19 vaccines. But, of course, we aren't telling you what to do with your own health and body. Those are individual choices and there is no law stating that everyone must get a coronavirus vaccine.

Featured image source: Twitter