PokerGO announces a must-watch streamed cash game lineup

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Terrance Reid
Posted on: April 17, 2023 05:36 PDT

You won't believe the streamed cash game that Nick Schulman casually announced this morning on Twitter.

You won't want to miss this one.

The game is reportedly scheduled for April 27th. Even better, it will be a live production, streamed on PokerGO and YouTube for free. Some of the players involved, well, let's say there's some history between them. Delivering the most hype with the least inflection, listen as sultry Schulman tells us the details.

Much discussion has been had recently about what the poker community wants out of our streamed games. Top-tier professionals, wealthy billionaires, and celebrity streamers; they all bring something to the table. And of course, there's plenty of drama around the streamed felt these days. This game will have a bit of everything.

Around the felt

1. Eric Persson

The first mentioned is none other than Eric Persson. He has provided endless entertainment on streams in recent history. With his hands in some of the biggest games, Persson has delivered iconic moments and big swings. He always brings the action and of course his signature table talk. Make it a live production with Persson involved, who knows what will happen. As Schulman said himself, "got to have him nowadays."

Eric Persson points at his opponent on PokerGO

2. Jennifer Tilly

Next up is the beloved Jennifer Tilly. Who doesn't love the Hollywood icon? She's always been willing to mix it up with the pros. Her love of the game is always on display. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind, whether in or out of a hand. The actress and poker enthusiast, well-known for her roles in the "Chucky" franchise, will try to be a terror on the felt for her opponents.

3. Rob Yong

Another who's definitely not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the heavy hitters, Rob Yong has played in some of the biggest cash games ever televised. He and Persson were both recently on the "Million-Dollar Cash Game" put on by PokerGO as well. He's an avid poker player, a proponent of the game, and a casino owner himself. He can mix it up with the best.

4. Bill Klein

I don't know how much longer we can get away with saying billionaire Bill Klein isn't a "professional." Sure, it may not be his primary source of income, but he's been in the poker streets for quite a while, and succeeded on the biggest stages. Whether tournament or cash games, Klein is never afraid to put the chips in the middle, and often those chips come back to him in piles. Of course, everyone loves the fact that he donates all his winnings, or matches all of his losses, and gives them to charity. The only thing no one wants to see is a break-even day for Klein, no offense Bill.

5/6/7. Matt Berkey/Nik Airball/Doug Polk

These three belong together. Unless you've been under a rock, you've seen Airball sling allegations of scamming, their entire squads having their backs in their respective corners, and they've spent way too long talking about bathroom breaks.

Matt Berkey and Nik Airball play at the Bellagio Matt Berkey and Nik Airball play at the Bellagio

Airball and Berkey are currently entrenched in a heads-up battle that has captivated the poker world for better or for worse. And, it's no secret that Berkey and Polk are not exactly besties. In fact, Polk offered coaching services to Airball for at least a time. Now, all three of them duke it out in a full-ring, live-action, potentially drama-filled stream.

Doug Polk looks at his cards Doug Polk on PokerGO Antonio Abrego

"Airball...most likely to start a fight. And we got Doug Polk coming down, beefing with Berkey," said Schulman. "Maybe everybody gets along, I'm not trying to put fuel on the fire. Berkey, Polk, and Airball. Persson. Tilly, Klein, and Yong in the lion's den...let's go."

No matter what kind of players you like to watch on live streams, this one is sure to turn heads. It's hard to imagine just what will go down when this stream fires up on Thursday, April 27th. It's a good time to be a poker fan.

We're here for it.