PokerGO launches fantasy poker series with SuperDraft

Jon Pill
Posted on: May 21, 2021 12:16 PDT

Anyone who is sick of running their own fantasy poker league is in luck this year. PokerGO has just partnered with SuperDraft. The partnership will involve a series of fantasy poker contests.

Steve Wang — the Founder and CEO of SuperDraft — emphasized that fantasy poker represents a hole in the market that he is anxious to fill.

"Creating this new fantasy poker product with PokerGO enables SuperDraft to build on its sports gaming foundation. And it brings another innovative game to market that is meant to go beyond daily fantasy," Wang said. "Adding poker into fantasy sports is an idea that we’ve discussed for years. Our innovative development team in partnership with PokerGO has finally brought that idea to life."

The first of these contests will center on the 2021 US Poker Open. This series and the SuperDraft contest will both start on June 3, 2021. The contest will be a freeroll, with PokerGO putting up a $10,000 prize pool.

The US Poker Open is an ideal place to start something like this. The buy-ins for the twelve events are all $10k or higher. This should make for smallish, easily-followed fields and a likelihood of big-named players competing in multiple events, and possibly making multiple final tables.

Players looking to play fantasy poker against each other will be able to get much more invested in a game like this than in the large field, low-buy in side events that tend to make up the majority of series tourneys.

The points system is the property of SuperDraft, but PokerGO will be in control of the data on the results of events.

What we can expect from SuperDraft?

There will be additional perks, with PokerGO subscribers getting access to a range of contests on the SuperDraft app.

All the poker events on SuperDraft will be covered by PokerGO. Though with the schedule PokerGO has put on for the rest of 2021, there should be plenty on deck to keep fantasy sports addicts from having to jones for too long.

Wang is very excited by the possibilities for growth in this area. "As the popularity of pro poker grows, this partnership will help us deliver what everyone immersed in the world of poker has been waiting for," he says.

After the partnership launch on June 3, 2021, the two companies will be mounting many more events. Examples are fantasy contests for the Poker Masters, Super High Roller Bowl, and the World Series Of Poker.

“Partnering with SuperDraft will allow poker fans and players alike to participate in brand new fantasy poker offerings. This is a massive untapped market in the current fantasy sports landscape," said Brent Hanks, Director of Programming at PokerGO. “Poker has been long overdue for fantasy sports involvement and SuperDraft is the perfect partner to set it up seamlessly.”

It is a little odd that fantasy sports hasn't done much with the poker community before. I mean, they must know we have money to gamble with. And if we don't, we always have friends who can spot us a buy-in or two.

Featured image source: PokerGO