PokerGO Tour updates and expands 2023 second-half schedule

pokerGO tour 2023 season
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Haley Hintze
Posted on: August 21, 2023 08:50 PDT

The PokerGO Tour today released updates to its event schedule that fill in the tour's schedule for the remainder of the 2023 season and fully complete the events that the tour will offer this year. The added events include the dates for the October's PGT PLO Series, plus the new Last Chance series, which leads into the January 9, 2024 PGT Championship.

The PokerGO Tour has also added a short series of four ARIA High Roller $10,000 no-limit hold’em tournaments that will run November 27-30, 2023.

PLO changes and additions highlight schedule updates

October is a busy month for pot-limit Omaha offerings that qualify for PGT status. The Super High Roller Bowl PLO, a $100,000 buy-in PLO tourney, has had its dates adjusted. It will now take place October 16-18 at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, adjacent to the Aria. The final two days of the tournament will be streamed live on PokerGO as well.

The SHRB PLO high-roller also serves as the lead-in to the PGT PLO Series, which offers, in its second edition, 10 events between October 19 and October 30. The PGT PLO series debuted in March, and as PokerGO notes, it found an immediate and popular niche, with more than 1,000 total entries and almost $10 million in prize money won. PokerGO will also live-stream some events from October's renewal of the series.

PGT 'Last Chance' series opens 2024 calendar year

Making its debut as a PokerGO Tour offering is the PGT "Last Chance" series, running January 2-7, 2024. According to PokerGO, the new series may well play a deciding role in determining the winner of the $50,000 points race for the 2023 PGT season. The Last Chance series will offer six events, though the exact makeup of those six events has yet to be finalized.

What is known is that PokerGO envisions the Last Chance series as a strong promotional tool for the PGT Championship beginning on January 9. The Last Chance series will have its own leaderboard, and the top points-earner who hasn't already secured a top-40 seat into the PGT Championship will be awarded a "Dream Seat" into the Championship.

The PGT Championship, which then begins on January 9, 2024, is a million-dollar freeroll for the PGT 2023 season's top players. The higher a player ranks on the PGT's 2023 season-long leaderboard, the more starting chips he receives. The PGT Championship winner will collect $500,000, and the other $500,000 will be spread among the remaining players who make the final table.

The complete schedule of events for the remainder of the 2023 PokerGO Tour season is now available at PokerGO as well. Next up for PGT-eligible offerings is PokerGO's Poker Master series, which begins on September 14.

Featured image source: PokerGO Tour