PokerOrg Runner Runner official rules

Brad Willis
Posted on: November 25, 2022 09:24 PST

PokerOrg Runner Runner official rules


  1. All participants are bound by both the Poker.Org Runner Runner Terms & Conditions and the PokerStars Platinum Pass Terms & Conditions.
  2. will serve as the sole judge and arbiter of all disputes, and all decisions are final
  3. In the event the Runner Runner rules do not resolve a question, dispute, or otherwise unforeseen development, will rule in accordance with the framework of the Tournament Directors Association rule which states: “The best interest of the game and fairness are top priorities in decision-making. Unusual circumstances occasionally dictate that common-sense decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over technical rules.” 
  4. The Runner will be selected by staff 
  5. The Runner’s identity will not be shared outside the staff until such time that it becomes publicly known through the mechanics of the promotion or that the promotion completes with no winner.
  6. The winner of the promotion will be determined and announced by upon completion and verification of the requirements for winning
  7. There exist additional rules to govern the contest that will not be revealed to The Runner or public in the interest in protecting the fairness of the contest
  8. will provide The Runner with a stipend for travel
  9. There is no cash alternative to the Platinum Pass package, nor is the Pass transferrable


  1. The Runner will be selected by staff
  2. The Runner will play at least one hour of poker every two days beginning on November 28, 2022 and ending December 16, 2022
  3. The Runner’s poker play must take place in a legal poker room within the 48 contiguous United States
  4. The hour of play is not required to take place at a single table. If The Runner feels their best interest is to change tables or poker rooms, they are free to do so.
  5. The Runner will document the start and end time of each session, including any changes in tables or location.
  6. The Runner must document the Runner’s journey with at least one video per day supplied to the staff, which will be published on the Poker.Org Runner Runner page. On the days The Runner plays poker, the documentary video must include footage of the poker play or poker room in which the Runner plays. On travel days, the documentary footage must include The Runner appearing on camera for at least five seconds in front of a public place of business.
  7. The Runner may employ disguises or other methods of deception throughout the contest
  8. The Runner may use any sort of transportation as long as that method of transport does not travel outside the contiguous 48 United States. In the case of air travel, this rule does not prohibit flights with flight plans that travel over international waters or borders, so long as those flights land within the contiguous 48 states.
  9. The Runner may achieve victory by playing one final hour of poker in the final four hours of December 16, 2022 in whatever time zone The Runner last plays and remaining uncaptured until 11:59pm on that evening.
  10. The Runner, if uncaptured, will retain the Platinum Pass and play in the PSPC in January 2023.


  1. A Bounty Hunter must:
  1. Be 18 years old or older
  2. Not hold a Platinum Pass
  3. Not be barred from PokerStars or any PSLive location
  1. Any Bounty Hunter engaging in illegal or dangerous activity will be immediately disqualified from eligibility 
  2. At no point may a Bounty Hunter physically engage, touch, or otherwise restrain The Runner 
  3. No employees, consultants, contractors, or freelance employees of or their immediate families are eligible to be a Bounty Hunter
  4. No employees, consultants, contractors, or freelance employees of PokerStars or their immediate families are eligible to be a Bounty Hunter
  5. No employees working in a casino or card room may capture The Runner in their place of employment
  6. Any Bounty Hunter found to have received assistance from anyone within the PokerOrg or PokerStars companies will be deemed ineligible


To capture The Runner, a Bounty Hunter must find The Runner and complete the following sequence:

  1. Begin a video recording
  2. Approach or otherwise engage The Runner in person
  3. Say aloud to The Runner, “How do you feel about rabbit hunting?”
  4. Wait for The Runner to say, “I’m fine with rabbit hunters, but I don’t like bounty hunters.”
  5. Say aloud to The Runner, “I’m a Bounty Hunter.”
  6. Wait for The Runner to say, “You win. I’m The Runner.”
  7. With video still running, wait for The Runner to begin a video recording and then answer the questions The Runner has prepared
  8. Share the recorded video with The Runner
  9. Respond to contact from PokerOrg staff
  10. Accept and sign releases from PokerOrg and PokerStars