Postlegate documentary: the next "Serial" or just a scam?

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 18, 2020 09:53 PDT

Twitter turned detective this week in the wake of a strange development in the meta-story of Postlegate. On August 13th, Veronica Brill — the initial whistleblower in the case — posted screencaps of a Whatsapp conversation which claimed to be from David Broome. Brill also spoke to a person on that line who claimed to be Broome. 

The texts claimed that Broome was interviewing “Mike and Justin”. That is to say Mike Postle and Justin Kuraitis of Stones Gambling Hall.

Broome has produced several Netflix shows including “Cooked With Cannabis” and “Awake: The Million Dollar Game." The text mentioned 25/7 Productions which is Broome’s company. And it gave an email address with a domain. 

The Twitter detectives found that the number (as listed for the caller) and the email domain (as mentioned in the texts) are registered to a David Broome and a 25/7 Productions respectively.

Down the rabbit hole

The phone conversation made Brill suspicious. Her caution makes sense, given the harassment she’s suffered since Postlegate.

She Tweeted: “when I spoke on the phone with this director he said that the reason Mike and Justin and Stones haven't spoken to anyone is because they've been preparing for a Netflix documentary. Not a single journalist (wired) has told me that they won't talk for that reason.” 

So Brill Tweeted at Broome. And got no response. 

Brill took to Twitter about this, putting forward a theory that it was one of Postle’s goons playacting as Broome.

Making of a “Making of a Cheater” documentary?

This dark theory gains some credibility when one checks Broome’s IMDb page. IMDb has records tagged as “Pre-Production” for “Baby on the Inside” and an untitled Solvan Naim project. The latter is described as , “A hip hop musical version of 'Romeo and Juliet'.”

Allegedly, Postle was willing to brazenly cheat — live on camera — for all to see. To some, this kind of overt deception doesn't seem out of character for the player.

However, such a judgement is far from conclusive since IMDb might not have been updated with a project still in its early stages. The 25/7 website describes Broom as “ a hands-on producer who only creates & develop [sic] projects that he is passionate about, whether big or small.

Until Broome or 25/7 comment on this, it will be hard to establish definitively if this about further Postlegate shenanigans.

Or if this is the moment we first heard that Netflix is doing a documentary about poker cheats.