Quads over set over set!?

Jeff McMillan
Posted on: June 10, 2023 11:50 PDT

With so many hands and so many thousands of players across hundreds of tables in the $300 Gladiator event, it would take something very special for any one hand to get a lot of attention on Day 1. 

That very special hand occurred on Day 1D with an improbable set over set over set situation with quads being made on the river! Our own Tiffany Michelle caught the aftermath of the action on video in our instant feed.


One player had pocket kings, one with pocket eights and the third had pocket tens. The board read 10/8/6/k/10 giving the player with tens the quad winner on the the river.

Chatter at the table indicated that the odds of such a hand happening where 170,000 to 1 but depending on how you calculate it, it could be even more minuscule odds. Almost everyone we asked afterwards and those discussing at the table said they had never seen such a hand in live poker before. Some made mention of seeing set over set on an occasion or two or quads over quads. 

Only one player who was near the rail a while after the hand claimed that he had seen that exact same situation before (with the middle set hitting quads on the river) when he was playing in a Venetian event a few years ago. 

It is certainly the only time that this poker reporter has seen or heard of it throughout my years of reporting many hands in many events throughout the poker world.

Have you seen this same situation before?