Red Bull Racing and PokerStars sign F1 partnership deal

Jon Pill
Posted on: January 24, 2022 15:17 PST

PokerStars's logos are set to appear on the RB18 — Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 vehicle — for the 2022 F1 season. The new decals are part of a new partnership between Red Bull Racing and the online poker site.

The deal cut by the two companies will also see Stars's patches sewn into the racing suits of Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. Stars will also be adding Red Bull Racing-themed products on its poker, casino, and sports book platforms for the duration of the multi-year deal.

Christian Horner is Red Bull's Racing Team Principal and CEO. “Following last year’s blockbuster Formula One season, I am delighted to kick off 2022 by announcing PokerStars as a new partner," Horner said in a press release issued by the companies.

"In our sport, we see constant evolution," he added.

"It is not only applied to the cars but also to new technologies that are focused on reaching the sport’s global fanbase to provide new and interactive experiences for them to enjoy. We are pleased to welcome PokerStars to the Team as F1 enjoys a period of growth in new and existing territories and look forward to getting the 2022 season underway together."

PokerStars is not the first to this party. In fact, partypoker was.

PokerStars joins partypoker circuitside

In May of 2021, partypoker signed a deal with MacLaren's F1 team. The partnership included decals on MacLaren's car and digital ads where that was an option. Partypoker is also able to run a bunch of MacLaren-themed bets and promotions on its software.

The multi-year PokerStars deal is similar and will result in more advertising, competitions, content, and unspecified Red Bull and F1-based "experiences."

“Red Bull Racing is an ideal fit for PokerStars because it’s not just about what you offer fans and players but the ethos and vision behind how you offer it," Dan Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Flutter International, said. "Part of our vision for PokerStars is to create the world’s most epic casino, built on player experiences, giving our community moments they’ll never forget."

Taylor then elaborated on why the partnership with Red Bull fits into PokerStars's vision. "Red Bull Racing’s phenomenal success is built on its bold, innovative, and passionate ethos, which has led to incredible success both on the track and in becoming one of the world’s most popular sports brands. We’re looking forward to working with the Team and sharing further developments as the 2022 season approaches."

F1 has only recently allowed gambling advertisements, so deals like this are likely to be more common in the next few years.

Any sport attracts a certain number of gamblers who have to figure out where to place a bet. Any sports fan might be induced to a one-or-two-off flutter, even an F1 fan.

Flutter Entertainment just hopes that flutter will be placed on its websites.

Featured image source: Flickr by Jen Ross