Robert Mizrachi falsely spreads rumor claiming Mike Sexton died

Mike Sexton Robert Mizrachi
Jon Sofen
Posted on: September 04, 2020 09:51 PDT

Robert Mizrachi sent out a tweet on Thursday evening that saddened the poker community. The poker pro claimed he heard that Mike Sexton had passed away. But Linda Johnson, a close friend of the ill poker legend, denied those rumors.

"Getting lots of inquiries today from people who have been told or have read that Mike Sexton has passed away. This is not true. Please folks stop spreading rumors. Very hurtful," Johnson wrote.

Johnson, dubbed the "First Lady of Poker," has spent much of her time recently visiting with Sexton in his home. Sexton is currently undertaking in-home hospice care. He's been suffering from prostate cancer, a form of cancer that has a high survival rate so long as it doesn't spread to other organs. In Sexton's case, however, the cancer has spread throughout his body.

But despite the claim made by Robert Mizrachi, who is part of the famous Mizrachi poker brothers, the former WPT announcer is still alive. Mizrachi, one of the rare four-time WSOP bracelet winners, soon found out his post was inaccurate. So, he quickly deleted the tweet. One Twitter user flung insults his way for posting the fake news, to which he responded.

Matusow hosts tribute to ill poker legend

Mike Sexton is one of the most beloved members of the poker community. His long-time friend and fellow poker pro Mike Matusow paid a tribute to the poker legend during his podcast, "The Mouthpiece," Thursday evening.

Matusow brought on numerous big name poker pros who said kind words about Sexton, who was watching from his home in Las Vegas. That included Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Robert's older brother. Numerous old-school legends who've competed against Sexton on the felt since the 1980s and 1990s showed up to honor the Poker Hall of Famer. "Action" Dan Harrington, Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Todd Brunson, and Phil Hellmuth, were among that group.

Hellmuth said he's played against Sexton all over the world in poker tournaments since 1987. He's also part of the World Poker Tour broadcast team, although he's only been in that role since Sexton left following the 2017 season.

Even some younger poker stars such as Jason Koon and Tony Dunst, who replaced Sexton in the WPT booth in 2018, joined the Zoom conversation on Matusow's podcast. Sexton's poker media peers also chimed in, including ESPN WSOP announcer Norman Chad.

"He stops and talks to everybody, and it makes it hard on the rest of us," Chad joked. "He's so nice to everybody, he never says no to somebody. So, he will stop in the hallway every two minutes and talk to somebody. I don't like people that much, and they expect the same out of me. So, on the other side, Mike, after you get out of this, I need you to be less friendly. That would help the rest of us."

All jokes aside, the poker greats who entered the conversation showed a great deal of respect for their ill peer. Sexton is one of the most beloved members of the poker community. As the callers said during the four-hour-long podcast, they all love and respect him for what he's done for this game.

Featured image source: World Poker Tour