Ryan Fee buys Lambo, taunts Negreanu with customized plates

Ryan Fee Daniel Negreanu
Jon Sofen
Posted on: February 19, 2021 10:49 PST

Ryan Fee bought a new Lamborghini thanks in large part to money he won from the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu heads-up match. And he made sure to taunt the losing player afterwards with a controversial troll job.

Winning with class clearly isn't Fee's style. He still has a grudge with Negreanu, which may seem a bit odd considering Polk, his close friend, has even moved on from that longstanding feud.

Fee, along with Polk, is the co-owner of the Upswing Poker training site. Like his business partner, he's verbally sparred with Negreanu over the years. Prior to the challenge, "DNegs" made a comment about the size of Fee's manhood. Apparently, the Fee hasn't let it go.

He posted a picture of his brand new Lamborghini on Twitter recently. And it appears Negreanu's loss may have made that purchase possible.

The custom license plates on the slick ride read, "TYDNEGS," short for "thank you, DNegs." He's mocking Negreanu with that plate because he was able to purchase the Lambo off his winnings from the heads-up challenge.

It's unclear if Fee had a piece of Polk's action in the match, or if he just raked in the dough from side bets. He isn't releasing that information publicly. But one way or the other, he clearly made a killing off Polk's $1.2 million victory.

This isn't the first time Fee played a part in a seemingly childish troll job of Daniel Negreanu. Back in 2018, Polk purchased a billboard outside the Rio in Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker, which read, "MoreRakeIsBetter.com," a jab at Negreanu's defense of PokerStars' increased rake.

At the time, Negreanu represented PokerStars, and in that role, he often stood up for the poker site when it made certain changes that weren't popular among the pros. Polk repeatedly attacked him over the years for that reason.

Fee, who pretty much always sides with Polk at least publicly, was part of the constant Negreanu bashing. He has taken numerous shots at the Poker Hall of Famer on Twitter over the past few years. And it appears he isn't ready to let that dispute go, even though Polk has.

Sweet ride, but on the childish side

Fee didn't mention the cost of his new sports car. But it's safe to assume the average American couldn't afford such an expensive vehicle. Most new Lambo's retail for over $200,000, or about five buy-ins in the Polk vs. Negreanu challenge.

Polk said on Twitter that he attempted to go for a ride in the new Lambo. But he's a bit too tall for the small sports car.

"Went for a ride in this thing and couldnt fit. How unlucky is that?" Polk joked, mocking Negreanu's constant complaints during the challenge about running bad.

Outside of that comment, Polk has mostly avoided piling on Negreanu since the match concluded. He gained respect for his long-time rival in large part due to Negreanu stepping up to the plate to face one of the best heads-up no-limit hold'em players in the world.

Fee, apparently, hasn't gained much respect for the GGPoker ambassador. He gained a new sports car, however.

Featured image source: Twitter