Saccucci crowned EPT Prague champion - weekend round-up

Rod Stirzaker
Posted on: December 19, 2022 01:15 PST

A stampede of players descended on icy Prague this week, attendance records tumbling even faster than the temperatures. A new Canadian champ was added to the EPT winners’ roster to cap an incredible few weeks and at the virtual felt, some sumptuous festive scores were delivered online both at GGPoker and PokerStars.

Here’s the lowdown.

EPT Prague

Prague temperatures went sub-zero this week and Jordan Saccucci showed he had the ice-cool temperament to match, shipping the record-breaking EPT Main Event for €913,250.

“"It was a roller coaster! Ups and downs, got lucky a few times,” a beaming Saccucci offered modestly in his winner’s interview.

The final was no cakewalk, with PokerStars ambassador Parker “Tonkaaaap” Talbot and double WSOP Main Event finalist Antoine Saout also eyeing the title with intent.

Popular streamer Talbot came well-equipped for winter conditions - thick beard and bobble hat in tow. His arsenal of fiery poker plays wasn’t quite enough though - 5th place for €278,450 still an outstanding return for his chunkiest live score (and 2nd EPT Prague final table.)

Formidable Frenchman Saout was the final obstacle in Saccucci’s path to the title. Ultimately, Saout would suffer the same fate as his footballing compatriots in their bid to win consecutive FIFA World Cups - runner-up spot (2nd - €800,000). The pair agreed a deal heads-up before a handy run of cards saw the Canadian seal the deal for an epic win.

Chatty and personable, Saccucci has deservedly etched his name onto the wall of EPT trophy holders – congrats!

EPT Prague 2022 Main Event final table results:
Runners 1,267
Prize Pool €6,144,950
1st Jordan Saccucci Canada € 913,250
2nd  Antoine Saout France € 800,000
3rd Istvan Pilhofer Hungary € 470,500
4th  Jun Obara Japan € 361,950
5th  Parker Talbot Canada € 278,450
6th  Luigi D'Alterio Italy € 214,150
7th  Petar Kalev Bulgaria € 164,750
8th  Javier Gomez Spain € 126,700

GGPoker Round Up

Online, GGPoker’s $150 million GTD WSOPC series continued this week, the eye-watering $10M GTD $1,700 Main Event Day 1’s beginning to roll out. With four more starting days ahead of the Jan 9th finale, this will be one to keep an eye on.

The $1,050 GGMasters High Roller $500k GTD melted its guarantee with ease, LuisRRRRR securing a hefty six-figure score as he bulldozed the 717-strong field for $100,331.87.

Final table results below:

$1,050 GGMasters High Roller $500k GTD
Runners 717
Prize Pool $717,000
1 LuisRRRRR $100,331.87
2 hedanbisheng $76,919.18
3 breislet $58,970.23
4 EstevaoJobs $45,209.71
5 zf1p4fgkwx6fb1 $34,660.13
6 uPayMyOnix $26,572.23
7 Arie Muller $20,371.69
8 danludan $15,617.98
9 Lucas Rocha $11,973.54

Nicholas Maimone saw his way to the title in GGPoker’s sister event, the $1,050 Sunday High Roller $300k GTD. He collected $80,332.69, nailing down the win over the 427 runner field. Mr Jiben pocketed $60,240 for his spirited run to 2nd place in the standings.

Final table results as follows:

$1,050 GG Sunday HR ME $300k GTD
Runners: 427
Prize pool: $427,000
1 Nicholas Maimone $80,332.69
2 Mr_Jiben $60,240.80
3 Sergei Denisov $45,174.19
4 Loris51 $33,875.88
5 Dorel Eldabach $25,403.31
6 Super Liar $19,049.79
7 Roman Hrabec $14,285.32
8 Ravid Garbi $10,712.50
9 Laobanfish $8,033.21

In the WSOPC $525 Bounty Hunter Main Event, J Haraldstad went on a feeding frenzy Jeffrey Dahmer would have been proud of. An astonishing $60,000+ of his $97,639.01 1st prize money was contributed from scalped opponents. To put that in context, his vanquished heads-up foe, Emanuel Oliveira (2nd - $42,778.81) collected a mere $5,581 in bounties.

Quite the achievement – that score should keep him in fava beans and chianti until Netflix come calling.

Here’s how the final table panned out:

WSOPC $525 Bounty Hunter Main Event
Runners: 1,808
Prize Pool: $904,000
1 J Haraldstad $97,639.01
2 Emanuel Oliveira $42,778.81
3 Made_In_Moscow $34,771.45
4 rexveldhuis $33,730.01
5 I am GRUT $23,917.40
6 Fish2077 $18,983.44
7 orc1nus $15,147.11
8 bowser343 $9,269.38
9 Acceptance $9,303.30

The GGMasters $150, $400k GTD was taken down by vivily for a welcome Christmas boost of $54,025.98. OttoKatz narrowly missed out on the title but the $40,511.92 he received for second place means he’ll also be celebrating Christmas with a spring in his step.

Final Table results below:

GGMasters $150, $400k GTD
Runners: 3,368
Prize Pool: $464,784
1 Vivily $54,025.98
2 OttoKatz $40,511.92
3 Hobbitzis $30,379.67
4 ICEQUEEN $22,781.52
5 A Ponomarev $17,083.74
6 0itoNov9 $12,810.98
7 Gleb Tremzin $9,606.89
8 allini $7,204.15
9 mlv96 $5,402.37

PokerStars Round Up

EPT Prague may have diverted some of PokerStars High Rollers from their regular schedule but sixty-two players converged on the $5,200 Titans $300k GTD event nonetheless.

The title went to HypnosisMass for a well-earned payday of $83,672.04 and notably Ronan “Sw33ney” Sweeney followed up his 2nd place in last week’s corresponding event with yet another impressive podium finish (3rd - $46,939.98).

Full final table results:

$5,200 Titans $300k GTD
Runners: 62
Prize Pool $310,000
1 HypnosisMass $83,672.04
2 sebtheking $62,670.25
3 Sw33ney $46,939.98
4 €urop€an $35,158.03
5 DingeBrinker $26,333.35
6 imluckbox $19,723.65
7 Anjeyyy $14,773.01
8 daskalos20 $11,064.98
9 drew.derzh $9,667.71

It's been a positive week for poker with a bumper EPT turnout and a smiley new EPT champion crowned. We can’t wait to see what Santa’s elves have in store for us leading up to Christmas Day. You have bought all your presents haven't you?

Have a special Christmas everyone.

(EPT winner shot courtesy of PokerStars.)