Scott Ball spreads holiday cheer with Thanksgiving meals for strangers

Dave Consolazio Poker Writer Photo
Dave Consolazio
Posted on: November 26, 2021 07:05 PST

Scott Ball enjoyed a great deal of success during his 2021 World Series of Poker run. Ball recorded one online cash and six live cashes during the series. They were highlighted by two gold bracelet wins in the $5,000 6-Handed Event #25 and in the $1,111 Little One for One Drop Event #68. All together, Ball collected $1,053,110 in tournament earnings during this series. He also secured a victory in the 2021 WSOP No-Limits VELO Leaderboard race for an extra $12,500.

Giving back to the poker community

At just after 5pm PST on Thanksgiving Day, Ball announced on Twitter that he wanted to do something nice for folks who might be feeling lonely or struggling on a holiday that celebrates family and togetherness.

“I’d like to PayPal five people who are absent of family or friends to have a quality Thanksgiving meal and have the ability to order one via DoorDash or Uber eats $200 to get one,” Ball tweeted. “Let’s hear your story and I’ll pick five of you in the next couple hours.”

The tweet received over 70 comments, with some people telling their stories and explaining their circumstances, and others simply thanking Ball for making this kind gesture. “@Queenblackkitty” was just enjoying a quiet night with her husband and cats. “@Matthew67068869” was alone on Thanksgiving night after losing his mother to COVID-19. He was unable to travel with his wife due to work on Friday and Saturday. “@SnowAngelLana” had isolated herself from an abusive family.

These three were among the handful of people Ball selected to receive $200 for a Thanksgiving meal. Ball retweeted some of the thank yous he received from recipients of his impromptu holiday giveaway.

“Picked quite a bit more than 5 of you,” Ball tweeted. “Hope everyone has a wonderful blessed holiday.”

Being in a position to spread positivity

Scott Ball explained why he chose to perform this generous act to a Twitter follower who complimented him for being kind to strangers.

“There’s been points in my life I could have really benefited from something like this. When / if someone becomes able to do things that bring positivity to peoples lives, I think it’s important we execute.”

It’s easy enough to talk about being generous, but Ball deserves credit for backing it up with action. And it’s worth noting that $200 is far more than what's necessary to buy a nice Thanksgiving meal for one or two people. This gesture of kindness was about more than just the meal. It was about spreading positivity to a few people who needed it during the holiday season. That positivity was well-received judging by the responses Ball got from both the recipients of his dinners and those who merely appreciated the act of kindness.

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