Six more tickets added to Phil Nagy's ACR breast cancer awareness Venom giveaway

Jon Pill
Posted on: September 23, 2021 09:15 PDT

Earlier this week, WPN CEO Phil Nagy launched a charity effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Nagy offered to stake six players in Americas Cardroom's flagship event, the Venom. The buy-in to the Venom is $2,650, making the total contribution $15,900.

Participants in the giveaway could enter by tweeting a video in which they explain why they should be staked. The six winners would receive a ticket to the next Venom tournament worth $2,650. The winners would get to keep 50% of their cashout, with 50% going to breast cancer awareness.

The original contest was announced on September 18. On the 18th Nagy wrote: "I'm looking to stake 6 people to play in this week’s Venom PKO. Profit split: 50% to the player, and 50% to breast cancer awareness."

Although some entrants stretched the truth in their efforts to gain a ticket — as with one player who appears to have faked a cancer diagnosis in an effort to win — the overall response has been hugely positive. So much so in fact that Nagy has offered to double that by adding another six tickets to the contest.

The winners of the contest will be announced later today. However, you are "still on time" according to ACR's Twitter account, if you want to get an application in under the wire.

Now is an excellent time for it, as the odds of winning just doubled.

Fighting cancer with cards

There are a few small-print things to note. In particular, the six additional tickets are reserved for the players Nagy feels will represent the highest EV for the charity.

"My overall intention is to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness," Nagy wrote. "So I’ve decided to double the contest and give away 6 more entries to this week’s Venom PKO to Pros or Semi-Pro players as they have the best shot at winning. Same deal, 50% profit to the pro, 50% to BCA."

So he's looking for players with a good record in deep stack, online, no-limit Texas hold'em tournaments. You'll need to at least know how to spell poker to win one.

It's also worth noting that one of those tickets is already booked by Ryan LaPlante on grounds of generosity. LaPlante is donating his time to the project, as well as 100% of his 50% share of any winnings.

LaPlante tweeted, "I was planning on Sunday grinding anyways, and probably wasn't playing the Venom. So I'll play it and donate my entire share."

"Booked," replied Nagy. "Thank you so much."

Check back in with us later today when we'll have the list of winners.

Featured image source: Twitter