Some of the best streams from the new Live At The Bike

Jon Pill
Posted on: June 10, 2022 01:00 PDT

Given how Hustler Casino Live has dominated the discourse, you could be forgiven for having missed the return of the revamped Live At The Bike in April. However, LATB has been doing an excellent job of putting on a solid, well-run cash game, with some excellent streams already in the can.

While the WSOP is on, the LATB lineups have become a little anemic. High-stakes poker players have shifted from LA to LV. So, if you get to the end of the WSOP and need some more poker to watch, it's a great time to dive into some of last month's LATB streams.

These include an excellent series of high-stakes streams propped up by Matt Berkey. Other big guest appearances include Lynne Ji, Kitty Kuo, Maria Ho, and Garrett Adelstein. Even Paulina "Poker Bunny" Loeliger has been scheduled for an appearance in the near future.

Particularly impressive are the high-stakes games held on a Friday. By comparison to HCL's games, these are relatively quiet and classy. That might appeal to anyone who finds HCL's high drama, reality TV vibe to be a bit off-putting.

Some highlights from the new incarnation of the show include:

It's how the light gets in

There are a few problems with the new production which might explain LATB's struggle to beat HCL in the viewer count. As the new kid on the block, HCL should be gasping for want of air time, but they're comfortably outstripping the longest-running poker streaming show.

The show took a bit of time off earlier this year to upgrade its kit and change the set. The most obvious change is that they swapped out its old table for something a little higher-tech and updated their graphics package.

Unfortunately, the new set was very dark for the first few weeks. You could tell the production team was hoping to create something reminiscent of the backroom games of The Cincinnati Kid but overdid it. The gloomy new environs did the show no favors. The cameras just don't seem to like the low exposure and high contrast with commenters below the videos cracking wise about unpaid light bills.

Additionally, either through accident or design, the star-studded first recording of the of the new LATB never went up on Youtube. It apparently exists as a private video, but the public have yet to see it.

Mind you, holding it back for a later release might not have been a bad idea. The LATB's re-premiere was in direct competition with HCL's Hellmuth v. Influencers lineup. No one had a chance against that show, not even a new and improved LATB.

Featured image source: Youtube