Steve O'Dwyer on feature table: "Never fly Lufthansa Airlines"

Steve O'Dwyer takes shot at Lufthansa Airlines
Terrance Reid
Posted on: January 27, 2023 07:08 PST

Steve O'Dwyer unfortunately busted the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event earlier today. However, he may have got his money's worth, especially when he was on the feature table. He used that spot to warn the public about his new nemesis: "Never fly Lufthansa Airlines."

Big sponsorship money for streams might not be as much of a thing as it used to be, but O'Dwyer found a way to maximize his TV time. Check out the clip below from O'Dwyer's timeline.

You can follow the recent saga through O'Dwyer's Twitter timeline. It started on January 20th with every traveler's worst nightmare when Lufthansa lost O'Dwyer's luggage. After 72 hours, O'Dwyer took to Twitter to try and get things done. Things did not improve from there, though.

The most absurd part of the story is that O'Dwyer has an apple air tag in one of his bags and told Lufthansa exactly where it was located. Yet, he's still no closer to getting it back.

Airlines haven't exactly had the best time over the last few months, but they may have met their match in O'Dwyer. The best starting hand in No-Limit Hold 'Em is nicknamed "American Airlines," Lufthansa doesn't even have a hand named after them. I have a strong feeling O'Dwyer might be moving his in-air business to American or literally any other option over Lufthansa after this week.