TeslaPoker on crazy Lodge session that Doug Polk called "pure insanity"

TeslaPoker Lodge Card Club
Mo Afdhal
Posted on: February 27, 2024 13:04 PST

There's potentially a new sheriff in the mix down at The Lodge Card Club in Red Rock, Texas, and the horse he rode in on runs electric. TeslaPoker took control of the driver's seat during The Lodge high-stakes livestream cash game back on February 18, becoming an overnight sensation in the poker world for his fearless, all-kilowatts-no-brakes style of play and his outlandish table antics.

TeslaPoker tangled with Lodge co-owner DougPolk in a number of big pots throughout the night, including the second biggest pot in Lodge livestream history, but perhaps the most entertaining hand came when he bombed the river on a four-flush board and exposed the deuce of diamonds. Check out the replay below -- the table's reaction at the end of the hand is must-see content.

After the game, Polk took to Twitter to express his thoughts, writing, "The wildest comeback I can remember. Just wow. Pure insanity tonight on the stream."

TeslaPoker cruises to a cash at Cherokee

Last weekend, TeslaPoker took his unique set of skills back on the road. This time, his destination was the World Series of Poker Circuit stop at Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina. There, he showed a different side of his game, opting to fire in the tournament streets for a shot at WSOP Circuit glory.

TeslaPoker entered the $1,700 Main Event alongside 1,658 other entrants, perhaps with thoughts of back-to-back big weekends on the felt. His first bullet didn't go as planned, but the second saw him catch a favorable runout to build a stack, and it was off to the races from there. After making the money on Day 1, TeslaPoker returned the following day with more than double the average stack. Unfortunately, the run didn't last, and TeslaPoker bowed out in 52nd place, cashing for $6,105.

PokerOrg's TiffanyMichelle caught up with TeslaPoker at Cherokee to hear from the man himself about that wild weekend at The Lodge.

Tiff and Tesla talk

TiffanyMichelle: You were just on The Lodge live stream, and you bitch-slapped Doug Polk, bluffed him left and right. Was that fun?

TeslaPoker: It was fun. Doug got the last slap, but we traded some blows, it was fun.

TM:I have to ask about the Q-2 hand...

TP: Favorite hand I've ever played. That's my highlight right there.

TM: If people didn't see it, tell them why.

TP: Doug and I have been firing big at each other. It was a queen-high flop, and Doug and I both had a queen. I thought I was pretty good, and I thought the flush might actually improve [my hand]. I bet $75,000 on the river, the river makes a four-card flush. Doug goes into the tank and he turns his hand over. He has Q-9 with the nine of diamonds.

So, I expose my two of diamonds. And this gives Doug quite the mental workover. I leave the table, sit with the hostess, start reading a book, just chatting it up, having a good time. He goes from talking himself into a call to talking himself into a fold. He folds, and I immediately give him the bad news -- he steamed for a good while.

We're gonna have some fun. I'm getting that hand framed and he's going to sign it for me. Doug's a great player, The Lodge is a great game, I'll be going back there, maybe in March. If you like money, come and play with me.

TM: Where does TeslaPoker come from?

TP: I had one of the very first Tesla Model Ss, and I've had a Tesla ever since. It just kind of stuck. Elon, if you're out there, man, I'm taking sponsorships. Let's get some lunch sometime, go on my airplane or helicopter, and watch a launch. That'd be great.