Texas police release video of alleged Lodge poker robbery suspects

Brad Willis
Posted on: September 29, 2022 10:07 PDT

Police in Round Rock, Texas are trying to identify three men alleged to have committed a robbery outside The Lodge Social Club poker room on Friday September 23.

The city’s police department released a tweet this afternoon showing video of what is believed to be an Hispanic man wearing a gray Calvin Klein zip up hood, blue jeans, and red shoes. In the video, the man had a mask over his chin, but had pulled it down as he drank from a bottle of water. At one point during the video, the man appears to be looking across the room as he picks up his phone from a small table, angles it as if he is taking a photo, and then walks out of frame.

In a photo released by the police, the same man appears outside with two other people who are dressed in all black. In that photo, the men are standing next to a black BMW without a license plate on the back. Both of those men also appear to be wearing masks. One of the alleged accomplices is also wearing red sneakers.

Police say the men stopped a man outside The Lodge and robbed him of his backpack, inside which the victim was carrying cash and other person items.

The Round Rock Police asked anyone who might recognize the attackers to contact Detective Laura Baxter at lbaxter@roundrocktexas.gov or 512-671-2871. Tipsters can also submit information anonymously at WilcoCrimeTips.org.

The tweet released by the police can be seen below.