The biggest hand in Hustler Casino Live history

Jon Pill
Posted on: April 21, 2022 15:17 PDT

There was a truly absurd amount of money moving back and forth on the Hustler Casino Live stream over the weekend.

Garrett Adelstein, HCL's resident high-stakes shark, was a no-show on this stream. While the cat was away, the mice had an absolute ball. The chaotic rush of cards, banter, and ads for day trading websites peaked about six hours into the show with the biggest hand in Hustler Casino Live history.

The game started off deep. With blinds starting at $100/$200 with a $200 big blind ante, the smallest stack at the table was Wesley with $25k. There were three $100k stacks, three 50k stacks, and one $40k stack.

It wasn't as much cash to start with as last week's insane set of buy-ins, but things escalated quickly. By the time the eight-hour stream drew to a close, six of the eight stacks were five figures deep and there was a touch more than $2 million in play on the table.

Players came and went with Ryan Feldman and Bill Klein both taking seats for decent stints and collecting some of the LAGGY chips that were careening around the table.

By the six hour mark, no one was up more than Handz. Handz had bought in for $100,000 and lost it. Then he had done the same again a couple of times.

But a run of good luck, some heart, and a lot of gamble had got him back in the black by around $470k by the six-hour mark.

The biggest hand

Handz was the big stack, with almost $900k. Ben was the second deepest with $308k. There was a $400 straddle in play.

Handz picked up A❤️K♠ and raised to $1,000 from UTG+1. Ben re-raised from his immediate left to $5,600. Alan, who had been playing an insanely high VPIP (83% by the end of the night) chucked in a call from the small blind with the 5♣2♣.

Handz put in a 3-bet to $25,000, to which Ben said "Ninety." Alan changed his mind about his suited two-gapper and folded.

Now it was on Handz again and he went into the tank. With Ben sitting behind $223k, this was an all-in or fold decision. After a long time thinking, Handz moved all in and Ben snapped him off. The pot was $634,000 and Ben turned over A♦️A♠.

They chose to run it twice and the first board came down AKxxx, burning one of Handz's outs. The second run-out was no kinder to Handz and he watched as the dealer moved three-quarters of his evening's profits over to Ben's spot.

Ben had just made HCL history and went on to finish the evening up $515k. Handz managed to preserve what was left of his stack and finished the night up by just $68k.

All in all, quite a show.

You can watch the whole stream on Youtube.

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Featured image source: HCL Youtube