The Lodge Card Club keeps streaming cash games through the 2022 WSOP

Jon Pill
Posted on: June 22, 2022 05:34 PDT

With the WSOP raging, you could be forgiven for failing to pay the world of cash game poker much mind. If you have been focused on the series, then you might have missed some of the smaller poker gems that have been ongoing. Like The Lodge Card Club's cash game live streams which have continued through the WSOP.

In fact, the last month might have been one of the Lodge stream's best so far.

Polk has been on the streams more consistently than in the past, and the other members of the Lodge team — Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme — have shown up here and there. There was also a six-max game in which we got to see Liv Boeree play some of her first televised poker since COVID began.

However, the headline event was a heads-up $200/$400 game between Doug Polk and Daniel Cates. The genuine fun of which was only marginally undermined by the ersatz fun of playing dress up. Cates came dressed as a black-hat cowboy, while Polk came dressed as a modern-day sheriff.

For about six hours, Polk (who is now probably the best amateur poker player in the world) traded hands with Cates (who remains one of the best pros). Silly outfits aside, the poker was some of the best you can find on Youtube (almost certainly the best heads-up poker you can find on the site).

Tournaments get the headlines, but there's nothing purer than two heads-up giants dueling it out more than 200 big blinds deep. Even if one of them spends the whole time pretending to be Lee Van Cleef.

You can watch the top ten hands from that stream below.

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