Tom Dwan and Matt Berkey win big, Garrett Adelstein has tough night on Hustler Casino Live

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Dave Consolazio Poker Writer Photo
Dave Consolazio
Posted on: October 25, 2021 16:25 PDT

Many poker fans briefly turned their attention away from the World Series of Poker over the weekend when it was announced that Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan would be appearing on Hustler Casino Live. Ivey and Dwan are two of the most popular and exciting poker players in the world, so the chance to see them both play in a high stakes cash game on a free stream was obviously a big deal. The live stream regularly had over 10,000 active viewers all weekend long and peaked at over 19,000.

After being announced as a participant on Friday night and no-showing the event, Dwan made up for lost time with a thrilling performance on Saturday night.

Tom Dwan ends Saturday’s stream as the big winner

Tom Dwan was the biggest winner of the night, locking up a profit of $274,000. Dwan’s biggest pot of the night came on a blowup from Dylan Gang. Dwan raised to $1,200 under the gun with ace-king suited. Krish called with pocket fives and Lucky three-bet to $6,000. Gang cold-called with pocket threes, and the action was back on Dwan, who raised it up to $23,000.

Krish and Lucky both folded, and the hand should have been over right there with Gang throwing his lowly threes into the muck. Instead, Gang moved all-in, forcing Dwan to put in his remaining stack of $112,000. Dwan quickly called, and the two players agreed to run it once. The board ran out ten-eight-eight-six-ten, counterfeiting Gang’s pair and allowing Dwan to scoop a $232,000 chip pot.

Dwan’s second biggest pot of the night came in a kings vs. queens spot against Lucky about 6.5 hours into the stream. The two players built a pot of $31,000 preflop and Dwan called Lucky on all three streets on a dangerous looking jack-six-three-jack-three runout to pick up a $126,000 pot. Dwan considered raising on the river before eventually settling on a call.

Lucky eventually finished the night as the second biggest winner, locking up a $256,000 win to erase the $120,000 loss he suffered on Friday night. Matt Berkey was Saturday’s third biggest winner at $139,000, bringing his two-day total to $401,000. That gave him the biggest profit out of anyone who participated in Friday and Saturday’s action.

Garrett Adelstein remains classy despite awful night

Tom Dwan’s win could have been even bigger if Garrett Adelstein hadn’t have made a disciplined fold in a big pot that developed between the two around the 4.5-hour mark of the stream. Adelstein turned the nut straight with ace-queen on a four-ten-jack-king board with Dwan holding a set of jacks. Both players slowplayed their hands to the river, where a jack fell to give Dwan quads.

Dwan checked, and Adelstein overbet the pot for value, betting $25,000 into a pot of $16,400. Dwan raised to $68,000 to send Adelstein into the tank. The Los-Angeles-based poker pro eventually made the correct laydown.

It was that kind of night for Adelstein, who was routinely put into brutal spots with second-best hands en route to a $197,000 loss. Live at the Bike viewers know Adelstein and how consistently classy he is at the table, but new viewers must have been impressed by how well Adelstein handled all of these losses and continued to treat his fellow players and the dealers with respect.

Dylan Gang was the only player to lose more than Adelstein on Saturday with a $314,000 loss. Combined with his $31,600 loss from Friday night, Gang wound up losing $345,600 over the two-night event. Phil Ivey left the stream early after essentially breaking even (up $1,000) one night after being the stream’s biggest loser down $147,000.

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