Tony G is coming back to poker

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 13, 2021 13:52 PDT

It's been a while since Antanas Guoga—better known to the poker world as Tony G—branched out into politics and crypto. After a long time in those wildernesses, it looks like Tony's coming home just in time for the 2021 WSOP.

In a recent tweet, Tony G let slip that we might be seeing more of him on the felt this year. He has been putting himself through a water-fast. That's a crash diet in which the dieter consumes only water and salt for as long as their system holds out.

"Reached a key stage in the fast - getting easier and great to have my support team here. Feel rejuvenated after 6 days," Guoga wrote, before turning to poker. "Looking forward to some poker—there’s a big events coming up in Cyprus, King’s and Vegas which I am looking at. I’m going to take everything they have!"

The events in question are most likely the Super High Roller Bowl at the Merit Royal in Cyprus, the WSOP Circuit event at King's in Rozvadov, and the upcoming possible WSOP in Vegas.

Bringing back the bike

Tony G was one of the big names of poker at the height of the poker boom. Back during that time, personality could be as profitable as a high BB/100. He cast himself as the villain, a fast-talking, needling player. He was more quotable than Phil Hellmuth and somehow even less sportsmanlike.

He was brilliant television at a time when poker TV was taking over the airwaves. That was back when "airwaves" was a literalism in the TV world.

Since leaving the poker world after Black Friday, Tony G ran successfully for the role of Member of the European Parliament for his home country of Lithuania. After a corruption scandal decapitated the Liberal Party in 2016, Guoga emerged as the new head. In November last year, he joined the Seimas, Lithuania's parliament.

While all this was underway, Guoga also branched out into the world of cryptocurrencies. He is the CEO of Cypherpunk Holdings and the subject of a series of non-fungible tokens based on his more memorable catchphrases. These include "ace from space," "I played it like a set," and, of course, "on your bike."

He's also started raising alpacas, if his Twitter feed is to be taken at face value.

Now that he's rolling some poker back into the mix—along with the political, the agricultural, and some blockchain shenanigans—we can all start to get excited about the possibility of him taking on Phil Hellmuth heads-up in the High Stakes Duel IV that we have all been hoping for.

Featured image source: Twitter