Tweets of the Week: The best of Poker Twitter for Feb. 15-19

Tweets of the Week: The best of Poker Twitter for Feb. 15-19
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: February 22, 2021 04:47 PST

Ranking the top tweets from the biggest names in poker

No other social media niche quite captures the unmistakable vibe of Poker Twitter. The game’s best players and most influential figures take to Twitter to break news, start feuds, and post humble brags about life on and off the table.

Poker Twitter discussions often stray far away from the game of poker, sometimes with fascinating results. Let’s take a look at the top poker tweets from the past few days as we head into the weekend:

World Poker Tour celebrates Phil Hellmuth with an epic art piece

15-time WSOP bracelet winner and all-around poker legend Phil Hellmuth’s busy week included playing a Main Event Day 1 flight in the WPT Spring Festival sponsored by Poker King.

Hellmuth advanced to Day 2 of the Main Event, getting props for doing so on the WPT Twitter account:

“WPT Raw Deal host  @phil_hellmuth made Day 2 of the WPT Spring Festival,” read the tweet. Hellmuth’s ties to the WPT include hosting duties for the Raw Deal segment, which appears on WPT television broadcasts.

What makes this tweet notable, however, is the incredible art piece that accompanies it. The piece depicts the unmistakable profile of modern-day Hellmuth in an image worthy of the U.S. $2 bill.

Matt Waxman gets us up to speed on the last two years in poker

Poker pro Matt Waxman did the duty of catching us up on poker’s biggest happenings over the past two years:

“If you haven't been following poker for the last 2 years, here's what you missed... - guy cheats people out of 6 figures on live streams while staring at crotch - WSOP completely in the gutter, but everyone still plays - Negreanu paid Polk 1.2m to stop making fun of him,” Waxman tweeted Monday.

Waxman gets points for covering the three biggest stories of 2019-2020 in 140 characters or less. The Mike Postle live streaming cheating scandal will always live on as one of the biggest poker stories of all time, as unfortunate as that is.

The hybrid live/online version of the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event didn’t go over all that well in a lot of poker circles, while the Doug Polk-Daniel Negreanu heads-up challenge made Polk and a lot of other folks significantly richer.

Speaking of that:

Ryan Fee bets on Polk, wins big, buys a Lambo

Ryan Fee, the co-founder of Upswing Poker along with Polk, does not get along with Negreanu. Fee and Negreanu have been at it on Twitter for years, even after Polk and Negreanu seemed to have settled their longtime feud.

Fee bet on Polk to win the High Stakes Feud heads-up challenge, and the payoff from that wager was apparently enough to make a big purchase:

“The problem with Lamborghini's is that normally they are too expensive... Cheers  @RealKidPoker,” tweeted Fee, with a photo of a Lamborghini sporting a “TYDNEGS” license plate.

For full coverage of the ongoing Fee-Negreanu saga, check out this article by’s Jon Sofen.

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