Twitter reacts to Bryn Kenney's appearance on the Joey Ingram podcast

Big Papi and Brynn Kenney
Jon Pill
Posted on: September 06, 2022 12:49 PDT

Bryn Kenney went on Joey Ingram's podcast Tuesday for a highly-anticipated interview, and Poker Twitter was watching along with the approximately 2,000 viewers who tuned in to the live broadcast.

Kenney appeared on the podcast to address allegations he'd acted unethically and guided a team of online cheaters. Kenney also used the opportunity to plug his upcoming project, 4poker.

Poker player Martin Zamani set of the summertime scandal by claiming Kenney ran a poker stable rife with multi-accounting, collusion, and ghosting. Zamani also alleged Kenney used his power as an investor to control the diet, meditative practices, and therapeutic use of the hallucinogenic drug 5-MeO-DMT, also known as toad venom or "frog poison."

Ingram, a successful content creator and player, earned the respect of many viewers after serving as an early days de facto prosecutor during the live stream cheating scandal known commonly as Postlegate. He brought that experience to the two-hour Kenney interview, one that saw Ingram at times relaxed and at times visibly uncomfortable with Kenney's answers.

Throughout the broadcast, the poker community kept up a steady commentary.

Poker Twitter reacts

Ingram allowed Kenney some time to casually address some of the more outrageous Zumani claims but quickly focused on Kenney's role with online poker operator GGPoker where Kenney was instrumental in getting high-limit games running. Twitter user @holdemandcrypto wrote, "Joey is asking the tough questions, and Bryn is dapping himself up, basically talking about he's the only reason @GGPoker is a thing, and denying everything."

As the interview unfolded in real time, Twitter noticed Zamani was watching and tweeting pictures of texts he'd shared with Kenney.

Zamani wasn't the only Kenney foe on the YouTube Rail.

Lauren Roberts accused Kenney of predatory behavior when setting up big games. Before the Ingram podcast ended, Roberts had already suggested Kenney was also guilty of libel, tweeting, "This sounds like libel to me. I suggest you document the alleged monies owed or stfu."

Some Twitter users cared less about the podcast's revelations or lack thereof and more about whether Kenney deserved a platform and Ingram's sponsors.

Watch the Ingram/Kenney interview

You can watch the full two-hour interview below.

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