WCOOP crowns Little, Medium and High Main Event champions

Jon Pill
Posted on: September 24, 2020 08:55 PDT

Yesterday saw three Main Events, three champions, and a rounding off of this year’s WCOOP in style. The Main Events finished yesterday in a trinity of extraordinary finales.

The tourneys served up some high octane thrills as the juggernaut series of 225 events rolled to a halt.

“klimono” wins baby bear for $186k

The $55 Low event went to “klimono” — a Polish player who took down $186k for his win.

"klimono" was the chip leader going in and can truly be said to have beaten the table. The player managed to keep the chip lead from first hand of the final table to the last, also knocking out seven of eight opponents.

It was a brutal masterclass in big stack bullying on an absolute heater. All in all, it only took "klimono" about 90 minutes to do the job.

"1mSoWeeeaK" wins momma bear for $505k

The $530 Medium event brought 4,821 players together, with enough rebuys to push the prize pool to $3,552,500. $504,584 of that money was earmarked for first place and went to "1mSoWeeeaK".

Once again, the chip leader going in was the chip leader coming out. Unlike “klimono” though, "1mSoWeeeaK" had to fight for every inch of ground. Yuri "Y.Zakharov" Zakharov took credit for the first three eliminations, putting his stack on a par with "1mSoWeeeaK”. They traded the chip lead back and forth for four hours as they cleared the field, before "1mSoWeeeaK" put a stop to the sparring with a knock-out blow.

By the time the blinds were at 3,000,000/6,000,000, "1mSoWeeeaK” had a chip lead of around 11 to 1. They shoved and were called by Zakharov, who had about 63 million left in front of him.

"1mSoWeeeaK” showed 9c-8c and Zakharov showed Ad-9s. The first card on the flop was an 8. The next four were bricks and Zakharov was done. He got $349k for his second-place finish.

Great big poppa bear split three ways

There were 1,977 entries into the High Main Event. Each of them costing $5,200 a pop.

The prize pool was a guaranteed $10 million. $1.5 million was initially going to be up top for first. But in the end, Andre "PTFisherman23" Marques got $1,147,271 for first. This reduction in prize money happened because of a deal the players made when the table got down to three.

Third place ultimately went to the Day 3 chip leader Teun “tinnoemulder” Mulder. This was disappointing for fans, who hoped he might be about to fill out his WCOOP title hattrick with a third win.

Tonio "prrrak4783" Röder was hoping to win and make it to two WCOOP titles.

That would have put him equal with Mulder. Though not financially. The deal gave Röder $1,082,523 for second place — a good $60k less than Mulder got for third.


The final hand came seven hours after kick-off. The big blind was 3.5 million and Röder limped with 6c-5d. Marques checked.

The flop came 9-6-2 with two spades. With a very little showdown value to speak of, Röder checked behind Marques and let the turn come a red 9.

Marques checked and then raised Röder’s bet of 3.5 million up to 14 million. Röder called with 59.4 million behind.

The turn was a red 10. Röder checked with his naked pair of sixes. The nines on the board gave him two-pair and the river’s ten would have to serve as his kicker. With a hand like that Röder was hoping to check it down or catch a bluff.

Röder checked and Marques, with the bigger stack, shoved. Röder’s time bank ticked down as he tried to work out if Marques was making a move with air or with something.

With seconds left on the clock, Röder called. Marques showed 8-7 off-suit for a straight, six to ten. Game over.

WCOOP-72-H Final table results

1st – Andre "PTFisherman23" Marques – $1,147,271

2nd – Tonio "prrrak4783" Röder – $1,082,523

3rd – Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder – $1,101,528

4th – Robin "robinho" Ylitalo – $543,301

5th – Andriy "Andre_Hansen" Lyubovetskiy – $387,284

6th – Denys "SantaZzz" Chufarin – $276,069

7th – Michael "munchenHB" Telker – $196,792

8th – 77atlant77 – $140,280

9th – Cecilia "princes chu" Cafaro – $99,997