WCOOP Main Events down to final tables

Jon Pill
Posted on: September 23, 2020 12:01 PDT

All three WCOOP Main Events played down to their final tables yesterday, and each will be crowning a champion later today.

The three-tiered schedule of the WCOOP means that players with all sorts of bankrolls and budgetary constraints can still hop in and enjoy the online action. You can shell out tens, hundreds, or thousands. Or all three.

So, the three main events are respectively the WCOOP-72-L: $55 NLH [8-max NLHE Main Event], the WCOOP-72-M: $530 NLH [8-max NLHE Main Event], and the WCOOP-72-H: $5,200 NLH [8-max NLHE Main Event].

As those tables prepare to play out, here’s a quick reminder of the story so far.

Recap: WCOOP-72-H: $5,200 NLH [8-max NLHE Main Event]

This is the big one. The one everyone wants to win. But there are only nine people left for whom winning it is still a possibility.

Those nine are getting especially good value for their money. The 1,977 entries to the event failed to exceed the $10 million guarantee. As a result, there’s a little overlay in the prize pool and $1,499,942 for first. Just a few ten-spots short of $1.5 mill.

Teun "tinnoemulder" Mulder leads the field. So, he is in a prime position to take this one down and win his third WCOOP title. He already has a fistfull of SCOOP wins, so winning this event would even out his trophy cabinet a bit.

He can’t slack off though as the table is a role call of sharks.

Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques in the number two spot is a dedicated online pro. Robin "robinho" Ylitalo has the third biggest stack and an EPT Main Event title from London 2013. Mike “MunchenHB” Telker won two Stadium events earlier this year.

And both Andriy "Andre_Hansen" Lyubovetskiy and Tonio "prrrak4783" Röder have previous form in events like this. They have taken down a WCOOP final table each.

It's a great final table with a ton of strong players. It should make for some exciting poker. We'll be bringing updates here.

Recap: WCOOP-72-M: $530 NLH [8-max NLHE Main Event]

7,105 entries to the Medium event made for an impressive $3.5 million in the prize pool with $504,584 going to first.

Day 3 only lasted 5.5 hours. Play ended when "1mSoWeeeaK" picked up two pair on the flop with ten players left. He check-shoved and "Strekoza85" called his stack off with top-pair and an overcard. "Strekoza85" missed his outs and left in 10th place. That brought play to an end for the day.

Day 4 will start with blinds at 1,000,000/2,000,000 and an ante of 250,000. That hand left the remaining stacks in a range running from from the chip leader ("1mSoWeeeaK") with 94 big blinds down to “ZAR84” in the small stack with just 18 big blinds.

Recap: WCOOP-72-L: $55 NLH [8-max NLHE Main Event]

The $55 Little Main Event managed to attract 38,660 entries.

This makes it the second-biggest online field ever. The only tourney ahead of it is the Big 50 from this year’s online World Series Of Poker which saw over 40k entries.

The enormous turnout in the Little Main Event put $1,933,000 into the prize pool. The first-place finisher will get $186,841 of that.

The Polish player “klimono” leads the final table with 106 big blinds.