Wiens win way to WSOP seat sweep

Jeff McMillan
Posted on: May 31, 2023 14:44 PDT

Jeremy Wien won his WSOP bracelet in 2018 as he topped a tough and rugged field in the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event for over $500,000 dollars, which is a large part of his near $1 million in total career poker earnings.

The Mount Kisco, NY native has become a WSOP regular and is always a recognizable face in any of the many large field events that he plays. But poker media will arguably know him better because of his wife Sarah who can often be found watching him play if he makes a deep run. She has been known to bring their fluffy dogs to the rail as well as make baked goods for poker media for the last few years. (This poker media member distinctly remembers some tasty banana bread a couple of years ago).

But it remains to be seen if that tradition continues this year, as Sarah Wien will be a little busy come Main Event time as she conquered her local poker league to win a seat into this year’s Main Event!

The NY Based Poker League

We asked Jeremy to give us a rundown of the league.

"The league is based in Westchester NY, with roughly 30 people—it’s the same league that Steve Begleiter won in 2009 to win his Main seat when he went to the Final Table. The way it works is that there are 12 tourneys (roughly every 3 weeks from September to May), and each tourney has its own entry fee/payouts, but there are league fees and league points earned based on finishes during the 12 events, and at the end of the 12, the top 9 in points play a final table for a seat in the Main. I think she came in 3rd in the standing and she won that final table”.

This will not be Sarah’s first WSOP experience on the felt though as she usually plays a few tournaments when she is with Jeremy and her family in Vegas for the summer. While most of them have been daily deepstacks, she has played a handful of WSOP events as well, which includes one cash. She also has a runner-up result in a WSOP circuit event from back in 2014.

Family Strategy

Jeremy talked about if the two of them discuss poker strategy at all.

“A little poker discussion here and there, but we certainly haven’t had “study sessions” discussing hand histories at length. We’re going to work on some stuff ahead of the Main though, as much in terms of how different that tourney is than others as it will be about actual poker theory. ” As he explained their mindset heading into the Main later this summer.

Sarah's Thoughts on Playing the Main

It may be a little early to start thinking about the Main Event but Sarah will likely also play other events leading up to it this summer to prepare. We asked her about how she feels about playing her first WSOP Main Event.

"I am absolutely thrilled (and also admittedly quite nervous) about playing in the Main Event this year.

To be honest, I had never planned on playing until our daughters were older and perhaps after Jeremy had won another bracelet haha. However, now that I won my seat this year, there's no turning back!"

She added, "My only hope is that Jeremy quickly learns how to bake. So that if I run deep, he can step in for me and keep the WSOP staff and media appetites satiated."

Wien Sweep

Jeremy will be playing many events including a 5k one in which he won his seat into... in the same poker league! He took down the secondary final table in the same league to make for a Wien sweep.

“Some of the players were less than thrilled (half-jokingly, maybe?), that this couple joins and in their first year wins both of the WSOP seats!”

PokerOrg will certainly be keeping an eye on both of the Wiens and their progress throughout the summer. (And no, not just for the banana bread!)