Wiktor 'limitless' Malinowski issues open heads-up challenge

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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: August 15, 2020 09:58 PDT

'limitless' tells Joey Ingram he'll take on anyone in the world one-on-one

Wiktor 'limitless' Malinowski made an appearance on Joey Ingram's Poker Life Podcast to update the poker world on his status in the Run It Once Poker Legends Challenge. The discussion led to Ingram asking if Malinowski was willing to take on anyone in the world in a heads-up poker match, at any stakes of their choosing.

Malinowski's answer was an emphatic yes, if the stakes were big enough.

"I'm not sure about [Linus 'LLinusLLove' Loeliger] in terms of how big of stakes I want to play with him," Malinowski said on the podcast. "But anyone else, 100 percent. And Linus, up to 40kNL I think I can play."

Malinowski told Ingram that he's even offered action to other PokerStars high-stakes regulars, in matches where Malinowski agrees to drink wine on camera during play.

"We have a little Skype group, it's called Fight Club," Malinowski said. "So we schedule 100/200 battles. I said ok, we go on camera; first we decided to make a rule. We spin, and whoever gets picked has to drink. So we have like a VIP in the game, because edges are small. But nothing really happened."

"So then I just said basically, I go on camera and I drink wine. We can put some judge who sees that I'm drunk."

Malinowski willing to play Fedor Holz while drunk

Malinowski was originally scheduled as one of eight pros slated to play in the Run It Once Legends Challenge. Currently running on Run It Once Poker, and streaming on the Run It Once Poker Twitch channel, the Legends Challenge pits eight of poker's top heads-up players in one-on-one matches.

The stakes for the Legends Challenge matches have stayed at €50/€100 so far. The first four chapters of the series included matches like 'Makeboifin' vs. Bjorn 'asianflushie' Li, Kevin 'krab42' Rabichow vs. Li, Pauli 'Fiilismies' Ayras vs. Mikael 'ChaoRen160' Thuritz, and Rabichow vs. Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz.

Malinowksi told Ingram that he might not be able to play in the Legends Challenge however, due to interests in other high-stakes games.

"I was really loving what the field is doing with the challenges," Malinowski said. "But then with current action I have, I think the stakes are too small for me.

Malinowski said he'd be happy to take on the winner of the challenge at any stakes.

"I can also offer playing drunk," Malinowski said. "I can drink on the stream, drink a full bottle of wine. And I can play Fedor heads-up, any stakes he wants. It's actually a deal, I'm not going to back off. If he wants to accept, no problem."

Malinowski praised the Run It Once Poker Legends Challenge, but added that he's too involved in other, bigger cash games to focus on the series right now.

'limitless' makes for a highly-entertaining episode of the Poker Life Podcast

Other topics discussed by Malinowski and Ingram included the inclusions of real names on GGPoker, the skill of high-stakes tournament players compared to cash game specialists, and the upcoming heads-up challenge between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk.

The 20-minute episode of the Poker Life Podcast features a candid discussion about the world of high-stakes poker from Malinowski, who's wearing Dolce & Gabbana pajamas throughout.

Hailing from Poland, Malinowski has worked his way up into poker's highest-stakes since taking up the game in 2014. Known under the 'limitless' moniker on PokerStars, and under his real name on GGPoker/Natural 8, Malinowski's earned a reputation as one of the most feared poker players in the world.

Earlier this month, Malinowski took down what's believed to be the biggest No-Limit hold'em pot in the history of online poker. Playing at a $500/$1000/$200 six-max table, Malinowski's pocket aces bested the pocket kings of Michael Addamo, sending an $842,438.62 pot Malinowski's way.