Women's streams, Doyle celebration, and Rampage v Doug: All at The Lodge

Xuan Liu
Terrance Reid
Posted on: September 27, 2023 18:04 PDT

It's a fun few weeks of poker upcoming at The Lodge in Round Rock, Texas. News of several upcoming events have recently dropped, so it's worth highlighting what Doug Polk and crew have cooking in their Austin-adjacent card room.

Nestled just north of Austin, Texas, the card room owned in part by Polk, Andrew Neeme, and Brad Owen has a few exciting events in the near future. Two of those will be featured on their ever-growing live stream.

The Lodge live stream set The Lodge live stream set

A pair of streams featuring women who crush on the felt

First, they've set up two back-to-back women's-only streams this weekend featuring some popular names in the poker community.

This Friday, September 29, the lineup is slated to feature Kasey Mills, Lara Perkins, Kristy Moreno, and local dealer favorite Anastasia, among others.

Xuan Liu

The next day, you'll see Rhonda Dimartino, Kristy Moreno, Xuan Liu, the talented Caitlin Comeskey, and more.

Caitlin Comeskey Cover Caitlin Comeskey Cover

Both games are slated to be $5/$10 match the stack, but they'll likely play much bigger than most $5/$10 games you're used to.

"Stacks should grow," said game runner Michael Reisman. "Ladies are coming from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Canada. Some [of the] ladies play high stakes, and some are more recreational. Should be a fun atmosphere."

The Lodge Ladies Cash Games Flyer The Lodge Ladies Cash Games Flyer

A giveaway honoring Doyle Brunson

In less than a week, the calendar will show October 2. That's a date that will forever make us think of only one poker legend the world recently lost.

Doyle Brunson was well known for playing the ten-deuce, and he had a fondness for the hand after it was memorialized via multiple of his early career victories.

Next week, The Lodge will pay tribute to Brunson and his famous hand on 10/02.

On that day, if you win a hand with ten-deuce by making trips or better, then you'll gain an entry into a drawing for $10,200 ($10,000 in cash and a $200 annual membership to The Lodge).

In addition, they're replacing their regular Monday night tournament with a $102 tournament, and the tournament players can also participate in the ten-duece giveaway. Someone will win $10k cash on a day we'll all give at least a thought to the legendary Doyle himself.

Rampage takes aim at Polk

Doug Polk issued an open invitation earlier this year for anyone that was interested in playing high-stakes, heads-up cash on the live stream. Multiple opponents have taken him up on the offer, and now one more will soon enter the arena.

Ethan "Rampage" Yau will sit across from Polk on October 12 for the next iteration of the Texas heads-up duel. Early reactions seem to heavily favor Polk, the long-time heads-up crusher.

You have to admire Rampage's heart. There'll be nowhere to hide as the two battle it out for all of us to watch. Regardless, it will make for some good content for the YouTube poker sensation.

There's no shortage of poker content out there these days, and for that, we're all lucky. The Lodge has certainly given all strong reasons to consider adding them to our watch lists in the upcoming weeks.