WPN software update: new player-friendly features

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Kat Martin
Posted on: October 26, 2021 13:38 PDT

October 27th brings some new features to the Winning Poker Network (WPN) software. For players prone to tilt, or for those who need a little extra help with self control, the main upgrades are likely to be a big hit.

The upgrades were announced by WPN through a YouTube video:

The most significant change involves the cash-game software. Players already have the option to "run it twice" for all-in hands. If both players with live cards check this option, the board is gets completed twice. That gives each player a chance to scoop the whole pot, or for an even split. This emulates an option allowed in most live, high-stakes cash games.

The new addition for cash-game players is the "play it safe" option. Unlike the run-it-twice feature, players can choose to play it safe for multiway all-in spots. Further, any player can select the feature without requiring the consent of the others.

The way this feature works is conceptually simple. Once a hand is all in, each live hand has some theoretical equity in the pot. That is, if the board runs out an infinite number of times, each player involved will win a well-determined fraction of the pot. With the play-it-safe option, players simply claim their fair share of the pot, without any worry about how the board will complete.

Removing stress has a price

Software development has an associated cost, and waiting for players to select these additional hand options takes time, thereby costing WPN rake. Consequently, the network charges as small fee of 1% for the play-it-safe option.

Is it worth it? That depends on a player's personal psychology. If moving all-in as an 80/20 favorite and getting outdrawn sends you on full-blown, monkey tilt, then a 1% insurance premium is likely a small price to pay. Equally, overusing the option inevitably impacts a player's bottom line.

Stay out of the pit

Poker is almost unique among the games offered in a casino, in that a skilled player can reasonably expect to turn a long-term profit. In a live setting, there are well-known poker professionals who will happily cash out a decent session win, then immediately blow their poker profits playing pit games like craps.

It seems that for some poker players, it's simply impossible for them to stay out of the pit, despite the fact that financially it can be a bottomless one.

WPN has addressed this issue in the latest software update by making it simple for players to self-exclude from non-poker games. The feature can be located in the "Responsible Gaming" settings of the client. The same area can be used to remove unwanted poker variants from the lobby.

Other improvements in the October 27th upgrade include more flexibility with preferred seating options, as well as hand sharing via social media. Finally, the improved wait list allows players to see what position they are on that list.

Featured image source: Poker.org