WPT brings us three live-streamed final tables in three days

HyperX Arena
Terrance Reid
Posted on: May 25, 2023 01:20 PDT

The World Poker Tour has been traversing the country during the Season XXI Main Tour, bringing large fields and massive prize pools along with them.

However, the last three stops all left us wanting more. The events at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Choctaw Casino and Resort, and the Gardens Casino played to the final six players and stopped before crowning new champions, planning to bring them all to Vegas for live-streamed action.

Today, the first of those three final tables picks back up at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the next three days, all of the players from those three final tables will coalesce for WPT final table madness.

May 25, 2023

Seminole Hard Rock Poker
Showdown Final Table

Bin Weng holds a massive chip lead coming back for the first of three events on Thursday.

May 25, 2023
May 26, 2023

WPT Choctaw Final Table

Bin Weng also leads the second final table, but Jared Jaffee is very close behind. See who comes out on top on Friday.

May 26, 2023
May 27, 2023

WPT Gardens Poker Championship

We're still eagerly awaiting the final six as they play down to that number today. Ryan Salunga leads the remaining eight, but WPT Ambassador Brad Owen is still in the mix.

May 27, 2023

First two tables: The Bin Weng Show?

That's right, you saw correctly, Bin Weng is leading two WPT final tables at the same time. A lot of work goes into preparing for a final table. Big Weng has to be prepared for two of them on back-to-back days. It doesn't hurt that he's the chip leader in both fields.

Bin Weng WPT Choctaw Final Table 2023 Bin Weng WPT Choctaw Final Table 2023

"I've put a lot of work into my game last year," said Weng back at the Seminole event. "Looks like it's paying off."

It absolutely is, as Weng shows he's unlocked something that works for him. He's already won "The Return" championship at the Borgata for $1 million and a WSOP Circuit ring this year. Holding a massive chip lead for today's event, and a small chip lead over Jared Jaffee in Friday's event, can he seal the deal in both and earn two WPT titles in two days?

Chip counts for all three events

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown - 5/25/2023

Place Player Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Bin Weng 46,050,000 154
2 Sridhar Sangannagari 19,100,000 64
3 Mitch Garshofsky 18,550,000 62
4 David Mazareulov 13,350,000 45
5 Naing Thu 13,250,000 44
6 Rafael Farah Jarufe 4,275,000 14
WPT Seminole Hard Rock Final Six WPT Seminole Hard Rock Final Six

WPT Choctaw - 5/26/2023

Place Player Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Bin Weng 8,800,000 88
2 Jared Jaffee 7,225,000 72
3 Mike Vanier 5,300,000 53
4 Dojie Ignacio 4,225,000 42
5 Erkut Yilmaz 3,150,000 32
6 Rusty Farrin 1,900,000 19
WPT Choctaw Final Table 2023 WPT Choctaw Final Table 2023

WPT Gardens Poker Championship - 5/27/2023

Place Player Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Ryan Salunga 5,775,000 77
2 Chris Lee 4,000,000 53
3 Ky Nguyen 2,000,000 26
4 Joseph Deluca 1,475,000 19
5 Brad Owen 1,175,000 15
6 Thomas Choi 1,075,000 14
7 Steven Spunt 850,000 11
8 Joshua Lochman 675,000 9
Brad Owen at WPT Gardens Final Table Brad Owen at WPT Gardens Final Table - Photo Credit WPT Enrique Malfavon

The schedule and where to watch

Each day's stream will begin at 4:30 pm local time in Las Vegas. They will all be available for free on WPT's YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. The beloved Jeff Platt and Jamie Kerstetter will provide commentary for all three final tables.

Will Bin Weng make history and be the first to win two WPT titles in back-to-back days? Will WPT Ambassador Brad Owen make his way to Las Vegas for Saturday's final table? Or will the myriad of other experienced players spoil their party? We'll see how this one plays out. No matter what happens, it's sure to be a party at the HyperX Arena here in Las Vegas.

We hope you're watching with us, but we'll also be on the ground providing coverage throughout the event. You can also follow along with the WPT live updates.