WSOP Cafe pricing people out?

Jeff McMillan
Posted on: June 03, 2023 16:35 PDT

The WSOP Cafe has been a part of the WSOP since 2018 when it made its debut and has provided players with an option to quickly grab snacks or meals during breaks. 

But as many people have noted the prices at the cafe have gone far beyond what is reasonable, even by expensive Vegas standards. 

Several players took to Twitter to address the issue: 

There was even Christian Harder tagging the FBI as if to suggest investigating the prices.
While the suggestion to steal and tagging the FBI is obviously a humorous way to look at it, it does actually shed light on a real concern. 

People are going to expect high prices in Vegas, but there are limits even for that as $9 chips and $8 bottle of sodas seem to cross that line for many. There have already been many numerous instances of people leaving their food at the cashier when told the price as the cashier advises them to go get a snack elsewhere nearby in the Horseshoe. 

When the WSOP was at the Rio, the high prices were easier to get away with thanks to the relative food desert and lack of quick options that surrounded the poker playing areas there. But now with so many other options not far away, it’s hard to see the WSOP Cafe being anything other than a ghost town as the series goes on. 

One would think that prices should actually be set lower than nearby casino essential stores to encourage business at the WSOP cafe and give players a nice quick option for sustenance while they spend hours at the tables each day. 

You may ask what difference does a few bucks ultimately make when players are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on tournament buy ins. But regardless it appears to be something that most players have identified as a problem.