Wynn Resorts has a plan to relaunch Vegas poker rooms

Posted on: April 23, 2020 08:04 PDT

Extra precautions can be taken to mitigate possible coronavirus contamination

With most of the financial activity being connected to the gambling industry, Las Vegas will be one of the most financially affected cities in the country. All gambling venues were ordered to close since mid-March while the coronavirus pandemic is being controlled and lesser new cases are reported. Wynn Resorts is not wasting any time and has <a href=”https://www.poker.org/wynn-ceo-makes-the-case-to-reopen-las-vegas-resorts-which-may-include-poker-rooms/”>already laid out</a> a 23-page plan of how the facility will reopen for business, hopefully in a matter of a few weeks. Wynn CEO Matt Maddox has been asking Nevada Governor Stephen Sisolak to allow the casinos to reopen as soon as possible, and Maddox has a complete plan in place for how poker rooms can specifically be kept clean from the coronavirus.

Also, poker rooms will be having new strict rules, including sanitizing poker chairs after each player leaves and cleaning the automatic shufflers every hour. The chips will be sanitized regularly, which is new for most Las Vegas Poker rooms - chips usually can get really dirty switching from hand to hand. Supervisors will sanitize table game rails and seat after each customer leaves, and shufflers will be sanitized every hour. In addition, all hard surfaces and toke boxes will be regularly sanitized, as well.

Only every other table will be allowed to see any action, and maximum seating guidelines will be implemented. Physical contact will be strictly limited, and even dealer changes will be announced, instead of through the usual “tapping in” method.

The plan presented by Wynn when its gambling venues are reopened includes a detailed list of new safety and measures that will be implemented. Things like remind customers to keep physical distance constantly and performing temperature readings with thermal cameras. If a guest shows more than 100.0°F, he or she will have a second temperature screening in a private area. Those visitors who are confirmed to have a fever will be requested to leave the casino premises.

Sisolak has been dodging this type of request, and he has been getting some heat from people who don't believe that losing human lives can be more important than the financial crisis. So far, the official order is for all nonessential businesses to be closed until April 30, which could be postponed even more due to the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus. Actually, South Point is already planning on laying off most employees as of May 3, so most likely the casinos are not expecting to reopen anytime soon.