You can bet on some weird prop bets for Negreanu, Polk match on PokerShares

Doug Polk Daniel Negreanu
Jon Sofen
Posted on: October 18, 2020 09:29 PDT

Will Daniel Negreanu feed Doug Polk his teeth rectally during their upcoming heads-up challenge? If you think so (or not), you can actually bet on it, among other prop bets.

PokerShares is taking action on the match, which is set to begin November 1 (assuming the feuding pros can finalize everything by then). Among the wagers you can place is PokerShares' way of jokingly mocking Negreanu. During a WSOP Online Bracelet Series live-stream on Twitch, "DNegs" read a nasty comment about his wife from a troll in the chat. He didn't take too kindly to the insult directed at his spouse. So, he fired back his own vile and threatening comment.

“Hey, Tom Estrada, go f--k yourself, you piece of s--t,” he yelled. “Block that c--k motherf------g piece of s--t. F--k you, f--k you, f--k you in your ass. How about that? Okay, Tom Estrada, f--k you in your ass. Eat some of that, you piece of s--t. Come f-----g step to me and say that and I will knock you the f--k out. How about that?”

He then suggested he would feed the troll's teeth to him "anally." So, if you're feeling goofy and want to get your degen on, PokerShares is offering odds on the following question: Where will Doug Polk's teeth be at the end of the match? You can either bet on "in his mouth" (1/10 odds) or "anywhere else" (100/1 odds). Bets are being accepted, up to $50 per user.

Additional bets on Polk, Negreanu challenge

If you're looking for a bit more serious of a prop bet on the match, PokerShares has 16 others for your gambling enjoyment. The main bet is on the overall winner, with Negreanu checking in as a 4.5-1 underdog, meaning the gambling site handicaps his chances of winning at less than 20%. The maximum bet for this wager is $5,000. Gamblers in the United States aren't eligible to wager on PokerShares.

Another popular type of bet is on the dollar amount the winning player will profit. Given that Polk is heavily favored to win the overall match, which encompasses 25,000 hands of no-limit hold'em at $200/$400 stakes, most expect him to win a large chunk of change, possibly as much as $1 million or maybe even more.

But PokerShares handicaps Negreanu as more likely to lose less than $500,000 than Polk is to win more than $500,000.

The feuding poker pros haven't ironed out specifics on how many days the challenge will last. Negreanu has agreed to play for at least two hours per session, four days a week starting November 1. Since they're going to play two tables at once, you can expect a minimum of 200 hands per session, and likely more than that on average. But with 25,000 total hands, it's going to take quite some time to complete.

One of the many prop bets is on the date of completion, with the "under" being January 31, and the "over" February 1 or later. There's still a bit of uncertainty on whether this challenge will even happen, although both players have promised the poker community they're going to play. But you can even bet on the heads-up battle never taking place at 7-1 odds.

Other interesting prop bets for the Polk, Negreanu match include: Will Doug Polk return to a career as a poker pro after the challenge, and will Daniel Negreanu cease being a poker pro after the challenge?

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