"You know the view and you know the music"-- High Stakes Poker returns

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: February 19, 2024 07:05 PST

The wait ends at last - the first episode of High Stakes Poker Season 12 aired tonight after weeks and months of anticipation.

Season 12 started with a bang, bringing audiences $200/$400 action from the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Las Vegas - the same old High Stakes Poker that fans know and love. As longtime HSP commentator AJ Benza put it, "You know the view and you know the music, it's time for another season of poker's most iconic show, High Stakes Poker."

High Stakes Poker Antonio Abrego

Season 12 started with a lineup mixed between HSP veterans and newcomers to the show. Jennifer Tilly, Jean-Robert Bellande, Andrew Robl, and Justin Gavri made their triumphant returns, while Vivian Yang, Andrew Sasson, and AndrewPacheco made their debut appearances.

Tilly, Bellande, Robl, and Gavri played together consistently throughout Season 11. Their added history should provide for entertaining pots throughout. Robl, in particular, ran well and played better during Season 11 and likely hopes to keep the run good train rolling.

Tilly and Bellande have become regular fixtures on the show now and the table dynamic they create keeps the atmosphere light and friendly, but still competitive. Gavri, meanwhile, took a beating during his Season 11 appearance. Despite that, he's back in the ring looking to bounce back.

High Stakes Poker Antonio Abrego

Episode One brought the goods right off the bat as Robl and Sasson collided in a $203,900 pot. The two ended up chopping up the pot after running out two boards post-flop, but the action didn't stop there.

Gavri then put the pressure on Tilly in a $256,100 pot, but his courageous bluff with just six-high couldn't force the lay down.

The moment of the night came right at the close of the episode in a pot between Bellande and Tilly. In a double-straddled pot, Tilly raised with the K❤️ 3❤️ before Bellande came in with the squeeze to $12,000, holding the A♣ 9♦️️.

Tilly made the call and the two saw the 5❤️ 3♣ 9❤️ flop. With bottom pair and the flush draw, Tilly opted to lead for $15,000 and Bellande called with no hesitation.

High Stakes Poker Antonio Abrego

The 9♣ on the turn improved Bellande's hand, but Tilly kept firing, this time for $25,000, only to see a raise to $70,000 from her opponent. Tilly weighed her options before making the call. The river brought in the Q♣ and Bellande asked the dealer to spread the pot before moving all-in for his remaining $109,000, bloating the pot to $307,400.

As Tilly deliberated, Bellande slid his cards in front of her and told her she could pick one to open. Tilly took the generous offer and opened the nine, allowing her to make an easy fold and save some money.

High Stakes Poker Season 12 continues next Monday, February 26th on PokerGO.

Images Courtesy of PokerGO