Yuri Dzivielevski's fourth career bracelet highlights latest WSOP Online international results

Yuri Dzivielevski
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Haley Hintze
Posted on: September 23, 2023 14:40 PDT

Another handful of World Series of Poker gold bracelets have been claimed as the international portion of the WSOP Online series rolls on. Among the latest winners is Brazil's Yuri Dzivielevski, who took home his fourth career bracelet with a win in one of the series' major tourneys, Event #24, $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship.

In other recent events in the series on GGPoker.com, India's Aayush Arya became the sixth player ever from that country to win a WSOP event, winning Event #22, $400 COLOSSUS NLH. Bulgaria's Ognyan Dimov claimed gold in Event #23, $400 PLOSSUS Bounty, and Canada's 'Symmetry' took down the win in Event #25, $525 Superstack Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em.

Two more bracelets have also been awarded in the smaller WSOP Online Canada series, available only to players in Canada's Ontario province. In the Canadian Event #4, $1,500 MONSTER STACK No Limit Hold’em, "CallMeDaddee" topped a 181-entry field to also collect $53,639.51, and in the Canadian Event #5, $400 PLOSSUS Bounty, "First48" survived a 484-entry field to earn $34,367.27 in combined prize payout and bounties.

Dzivielevski overtakes Frank for PLO win

Dzivielevski, the prominent PartyPoker brand ambassador who in 2021 shared with PokerOrg his quarantine-included odyssey of traveling from Brazil to Las Vegas to play in that year's WSOP, had a much briefer time of it in winning the PLO Championship bracelet. Dzivielevski arrived at the Day 2 seven-player finale in second place, not far behind the overnight leader, Germany's Christopher Frank.

The two start-of-day leaders reached heads-up play, where Dzivielevski prevailed for the win and a $368,342.81 payday. Frank, a prior bracelet winner himself who, like many German pros, is playing the WSOP Online series from nearby Austria, had to settle for the $266,319.19 runner-up payday.

The PLO Championship garnered 153 total entries and paid out a $1,484,100 prize pool. The final-table finishers and payouts were as follows:

  1. Yuri Dzivielevski (Brazil) - $368,342.81
  2. Christopher Frank (Austria) - $266,319.19
  3. Renan Bruschi (Brazil) - $192,554.09
  4. David Mzareulov (Mexico) - $139,220.38
  5. Andrei "Mr-Doberman" Nikonov (Russia) - $100,659.12
  6. Boris "Happy-AYA" Nikonov (Albania) - $72,778.65
  7. Joao Simao (Brazil) - $52,620.33

Arya takes the Colossus

Aayush Arya's win in the Colossus came in an event that offered a $3 million prize-pool guarantee that the event had no problem covering. 10,812 entries combined to build a $4,065,312 prize pool, and Arya earned the event's $326,900.96 top prize in addition to his first bracelet. The win also moved Arya into a narrow lead atop GGPoker's "Continents" leaderboard for the Asia-Pacific region.

Ukraine's "Vasyl Stus" finished second for $243,297.62, while China's "qbdl" earned $181,339.39 for third. The payouts for the final-table finishers in Event #22 COLOSSUS were as follows:

  1. Aayush Arya (India) - $326,900.96
  2. Volodymyr "Vasyl Stus" Bartko (Ukraine) - $243,297.62
  3. Yangkai "qbdl" Yu (China) - $181,339.39
  4. Stefan "ReiborgScumfari" Reiser (Austria) - $135,163.03
  5. Dauren "AJIMaTyLLIKa" Zhaparov (Kazaskstan) - $100,748.60
  6. Marcin Adam Dziubdziela (Poland) - $75,100.05
  7. Mor "zigot_61" Hilel (Israel) - $55,985
  8. Dante Goya Fernandes (Brazil) - $41,738
  9. Regis Cardoso "AnimalRaro" De Andrade (Brazil) - $31,121

Bulgaria's Ognyan Dimov, Canada's 'Symmetry' also claim bracelets

The other two bracelets awarded in recent days went to players in Bulgaria and Canada, the latter in a province other than Ontario, which has its own series. Dimov picked up his second career bracelet in Event #23, $400 PLOSSUS Bounty, which is the PLO bounty version of the NLH COLOSSUS tourney.

Dimov continued a recent string of solid results and moved his career tournament winnings to more than $4.6 million. Bulgaria's third-ranked player for lifetime tourney prize money added $148,785.97 here. A whopping $88,304.38 of Dimov's payout, four times as much as any other player, came from collected bounties.

The last of Dimov's claimed bounties was that of China's Zhiqiang Deng, who earned a combined $82,926.74 for the second-place finish. Brazil's "paidosolver" took third for a combined payday of $48,361.76. The event drew 3,847 entries and built a $1,431,084 prize pool, easily topping its $1 million guarantee. The final-table finishers and combined prize-and-bounties payouts were as follows:

  1. Ognyan Dimov (Bulgaria) - $148,785.97
  2. Zhiqiang Deng (China) - $82,926.74
  3. Fernando "paidosolver" Viana Da Costa (Brazil) - $48,361.36
  4. Andrey "FarHills" Kazankov (Montenegro) - $41,002.26
  5. Kok Wai "Goldig" Sim (Malaysia) - $29,746.54
  6. Christos "Fatipro" Fatta (Cyprus) - $37,277.68
  7. Kai "Tahu tulejano" Lehto (Finland) - $17,421.18
  8. Adam "Fan[7]a[5]ma!" Milewski (Poland) - $24,883.43

Canada's "Symmetry", whose identity has yet to be released, earned the win in Event #25, $525 Superstack Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em. ("Symmetry" was later identified as Aram Zobian.) The victory was worth a combined prize-and-bounties payday of $109,621.50. The event drew 2,516 entries and offered a $1,258,000 prize pool, and the final-table finishers and combined prize-and-bounties payouts were as follows:

  1. Aram "Symmetry" Zobian (Canada) - $109,621.50
  2. Nevan Chang (New Zealand) - $63,427.69
  3. Tengqi "SangoKokomi" Zhan (China) - $40,948.83
  4. Humberto "SagradaFamilia" Galindo - $45,132.05
  5. Bernhard "B Binder" Binder (Austria) - $26,785.47
  6. Gilles "23 Savage" Simon (Austria) - $26,569.84
  7. Fabiano Kovalski (Brazil) - $20,444.92
  8. Jiangxu "Xxtter" Xia (Hong Kong) - $20,003.42
  9. Martin "Meischt94" Wallner (Austria) - $12,846.11

Featured image source: Haley Hintze