Lawsuit against poker cheat Mike Postle looks for sanctions against the player

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Posted on: April 29, 2020 6:15 pm EDT

The ongoing saga continues to drag out with new requests on the part of the plaintiffs

The case against professional poker player Mike Postle is becoming bigger than ever, with two new filings seeking sanctions against him. Postle was accused by several people of cheating during his participation at a low-stake live-streamed cash game in which he won nearly $250,000 playing mostly $1-$3 and $2-$5 No-Limit Hold’em games. Mac VerStandig is the attorney leading this multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Postle, and he confirmed these two new motions were presented Tuesday morning.

There are two pending cases against Postle – one in the court of Southern Nevada by Marle Cordeiro and the other in federal court in the Eastern District of California by many plaintiffs, including the person who brought Postle’s cheating to light, Veronica Brill. The two new motions presented are seeking a different punishment, as Postle is now accused of using a ghostwriter to file motions to dismiss and evading being served in the case against Cordeiro.

“Unfortunately, it now appears his approach to this litigation is identical, as he purports to be a pro se litigant but is, in fact, having his court papers ghostwritten by one or more unidentified attorneys,” read one of the filings against Postle. Pro se litigant basically means that he is representing himself. This was also confirmed after reading Postle’s motion to dismiss in which there were no attorneys listed. However, according to VerStandig, there is no way his motion to dismiss was written by Postle since he has little to no legal training. “While it is certainly common for pro se litigants to make legal arguments, and to use resources like Google Scholar to undertake legal research, their citations are rarely as precise as those of Mr. Postle,” the filing read.